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Unit 8

Mrs t's manifest destiny westward expansion

Where in the United states did many Asian immigrants settle? California -pacific coast
How did the Mexican cession influence westward expansion in the United states? The territory gained became the southwestern United states
During which time period did the United states expand its territory the most? Early 1800's
What was a major result of the Missouri compromise? It helped keep the peace between the slave states (southern) and the non slave states (northern). Decreased sectionalism for a short period of time?
In what year did the United states purchase the Louisiana territory? 1803
The main reason why the United states wanted the Louisiana territory was to gain access to what important port? The port of New Orleans
How was texas added to the United states? Annexation
The northwest ordinance of 1787 proved very important during the manifest destiny period, in what way was it important during this time period? It established an orderly way that territories would develop into states
What was the name of the treaty that ended the Mexican war? The treaty of Guadalupe hidalgo
What were three important provisions of the treaty of Guadalupe hidalgo? 1 the rio grande is the permanent border between the U.S. and Mexico 2 Mexico recognizes that Texas is a part of the United states 3 the land from the Mexican cession
Why did the United states want the area of California to be part of the nation? Because it would offer the United states many riches
The majority of the land gained during the manifest destiny era was west of what geographic feature? The Mississippi river
President Polk's placement of troops on the Rio Grande contributed to the outbreak of the Mexican war due to the fact that this area was what? The Rio Grande was disputed land between Mexico and Texas
The Gadsden purchase allowed american's moving west to avoid what geographic hazard found in the western lands? The Rocky Mountians
What geographic feature hampered westward expansion of the American colonies during the late 1700's? Hint it's the only one found east of the Mississippi river Appalachian mountains
What was the name of the belief that America was destined to control the land from the Atlantic ocean, to the Pacific Ocean? Manifest destiny
How did many Americans act on the brief of manifest destiny They moved west ignoring the people that were settled there (the Mexicans and Native American)
In what way did the admission of new states in the west contribute to sectionalism? It upset the balance between the slave states (southern) and non slave states (northern)
What was the determining factor in a territory having the ability to seek statehood? Population size
Many Americans acted on the belief of manifest destiny by doing what? They moved west
Who painted "American Progress"? John Gast
Created by: stallarita