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L.A. History

Latin American History

indigenous Native
Triangular Slave Trade The movement of slaves from Africa to the Americas, raw materials to Europe, and finished products to Africa across the Atlantic Ocean.
Colombian Exchange The exchange of plants, animals, people and disease from the Old World to the New World.
Small Pox Disease that killed many indigenous people in Latin America and causing Europeans to begin buying salves from Africa.
Fidel Castro Led the Cuban Revolution against General Batista. he made Cuba communist. he was a cruel autocratic leader that did not allow citizens to have freedoms.
Cuban Missile Crisis When Fidel Castro allowed Khrushchev to place Soviet missiles in Cube only 90 miles away from Florida (USA) during the Cold War. JFK responded with a embargo and blockade, and the missiles were removed.
Bay of Pigs the failed invasion that America launched on Cuba to overthrow Castro
Roman Catholic main religion practiced in Latin America
Spanish predominant language spoken in Latin America
Portuguese Main language spoken in Brazil
Hacienda Spanish agricultural plantation
Commodity A good desirable fro trade
Romance family language family of Spanish and Portuguese
New World Name given to the land rediscovered during the age of exploration-the Americas
Globalization process of interaction and integration of among various parts of the World.
Cuban Revolution Conflict between General Batista and Fidel Castro where the Fidel overthrows Batsita and makes Cuba communist.
Nikita Khrushchev Leader of the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis
John F. Kennedy Leader of the USA during Cuban Missile Crisis
embargo to end trade with another country
blockade to surround an area and not allow goods in or out
coup act of overthrowing a government
communism a system of government where the state government controls all the property and resources of the economy
Batista military general and dictator of Cuba before the Cuban Revolution
narcotics an illegal substance used for recreational use like cocaine or heroin
standard of living overall well-being of a nation (healthy and wealthy)
literacy rate percentage of people that can read or write
emigrate relocate to a new place for employment
trafficking illegally smuggling goods or people
cartel a group that dominates a trade or service like the drug trade
naturalization the process by which a citizen of one country becomes a citizen of another country
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