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Chapter 9 Quiz

What is the presidents cabinet compiled of? Executive department heads
What was Hamilton plan to pay off national debt? Hamilton wanted to put all state and national debts together in one large debt which would be paid off equally by all states.
List two precedents established by George Washington. Two term presidency , and adding "so help me god" to the oath.
How many department heads made up the first cabinet? Three
How did Washington D.C. come to be the nations capital? Result of a compromise by Hamilton with southern leaders to gain support of his finance plan.
Define the word, partisan. Favoring one party or faction.
Define the word, cabinet. Executive Advisors.
List the men in the first cabinet Thomas Jefferson, Edmond Randolph, Henry Knox and Alexander Hamilton
What were the departments in the first cabinet? State, Treasury, War
What were the duties of each cabinet member? State - Foreign Relations; Treasury - Finances and economy; War - Defense and Military
Do YOU believe that a cabinet was necessary in 1789? Is it necessary today? Why? Yes, so that the President wouldn't make bad decisions
What was the Proclamation of Neutrality? It barred French and British warships from American ports
The best form of government according to the Federalists was? the rich/wealthy and well educated
What is the Elastic Clause? Article I, section 8 of the Constitution, interpreted as allowing Congress to stretch its powers when not stated in the Constitution. Also known as the 'necessary and proper' clause
How has the President's cabinet changed since it was formed in 1789? Women, more cabinets
What does it mean by 'strict interpretation' of the Constitution? If it is in the Constitution, it is the law.
Which power given to the President by Congress established the President's authority over the executive branch? the ability to dismiss cabinet officers without Senate approval
What did Washington say about the growth of political parties? They were a threat to the growing nation
Which treaty was unpopular and the British agreed to leave American soil? Jay's Treaty
How did the Republicans view the Alien and Sedition Act? As an attack on the First Amendment's right of free speech and press
Which treaty gave Americans the right to travel the Mississippi River? Pinckney's Treaty
What was the Judiciary Act of 1789? Gave the ability of the national government to create a federal court system with 3 levels, including district courts, the court of appeals, and the Supreme Court
How did the Republicans view government (from this chapter)? They feared a strong central government controlled by a few
What does it mean by 'loose interpretation' of the Constitution? The Constitution allows everything unless it specifically forbids it
What did Washington say in his Farewell Address? to steer clear of permanent alliances
What treaty opened most of Ohio to white settlers? The Treaty of Greenville
Define the term 'nullify'. How does 'nullify' relate to the Kentucky Resolutions? Legally overturn. The Kentucky Resolutions said states could nullify federal laws they thought were unconstitutional
How did Thomas Jefferson view the Constitution? Strict
Define the term 'precedent' Traditions
Define the term 'states rights' The powers of federal government were limited to those clearly granted by the Constitution
Believed in a strong, central government that would fix the problems of the Articles of Confederation (Federalist or Democratic-Republican) Federalist
Party that believed in "loose construction" of the Constitution (Federalist or Democratic-Republican) Federalist
Believed in the idea of states' rights in which peoples' rights would be better protected (Federalist or Democratic-Republican) Democratic-Republican
Believed common Americans should lead the new government of the United States (Federalist or Democratic-Republican) Democratic-Republican
Policies generally supported by Washington (Federalist or Democratic-Republican) Federalist
Party led by Alexander Hamilton (Federalist or Democratic-Republican) Federalist
Party that believed in "loose construction" of the Constitution (Federalist or Democratic-Republican) Federalist
What was the Whiskey Rebellion? Rebellion caused by a tax on American-made whiskey. When the army arrived the rebels had all fled and the battle was never fought
Define the word "impressments" Seizing people against their will and forcing them to serve in the military of other public service
What was the XYZ affair? The incident in which French agents demanded a bribe and a loan from the Americans
How did Alexander Hamilton view the Constitution? Loose
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