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ATS-History 7


In the 1920’s this place was known as the auto capitol of the world. Detroit
Who was responsible for putting America on “wheels” because his Assembly Line process made cars affordable. Henry Ford
Name 5 industries that were satellite industries due to the success of the 1920’s car. Road Construction; oil; gasoline; paint; rubber
More people were able to live in the suburbs (just outside of the city) because of this invention. cars
The 1920s is the time period where this was made illegal. was called Prohibition. alcohol
The 18th amendment did what? made alcohol illegal
What were bars that sold illegal alcohol called? Speakeasies
Who controlled most of the illegal alcohol business. Gangsters
Washing machines and electric stoves invented during the 1920s gave women what? women now had more free time
In order to afford to buy appliances like washing machines, many men bought on this credit
Who perfected the radio during this time period? Marconi
50 million wires and 10 million telephones were placed where? in homes
When sound was added to movies they were called what? "talkies”
Who was the most famous actor of his time? Charlie Chaplin
Disney Studios began in what year? 1923
Who started sending mail by plane during the 1920’s? The postal service
During the 1920s when alcohol was made illegal was called this Prohibition
The 21st amendment did this made alcohol legal once again.
What was the percentage of movies that were made in Hollywood, California during this time? 90%
Disney Studios created a sound cartoon called what? "Steamboat Willie”
Created by: glink