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History Quiz L&C

What was the city that Lewis and Clark began their journey? St. Louis
Jefferson sent representatives to France to buy what city? New Orleans
What is North America's continental divide? The Rocky Mountains
What territory was claimed by Russia, Britain, Spain, and the U.S.? Oregon Country
Napoleon sold this tract of land to the U.S. to finance his wars? The Louisiana Territory
The Indian fort where Lewis and Clark spent their first winter of the expedition was? Fort Mandan
To which modern exploration was L&C expedition compared? a journey to the moon
What was the purpose of this journey? find northwest passage, discover new plants animal and mineral specimens, and make peace with Indians
What difficulties did the Corps of Discovery face? storms, boat troubles, mosquitoes, carrying heavy gear, Indians, weather, food shortages, traveling, animals, upstream
Aside from Leadership, what was one of Clark's other duties? make maps, and make sketches of new specimens
What interesting animals did the Corps of Discovery find? prairie dogs, bison, grizzly bears
Which tribe was the most powerful of the middle Missouri region? Teton Sioux
Who was the French trader that accompanied L&C? Charbonneau
How did Sacagawea assist the expedition? nutritionist, interpreter, guide, symbol of peace because pregnant
Prior to crossing the Rocky Mountains, finding which tribe was essential for the success of the expedition? Shoshone, They had horses
What did they discover to be the source of the Missouri River? a natural spring
Who did Sacagawea find? her brother, chief of Shoshones
Shoshone-Hidatsa-French-English was the progression of what? Languages to communicate with Shoshone
What tribe was the most hospitable, honest, and sincere off all tribes on the Corps of Discovery expedition? Nez Perce
What is considered the great river of the northwest? And the river that took Lewis and Clark to the Pacific Ocean? The Columbia River
What event marked the first time a woman or a slave was allowed to vote? When the group voted on the Winter Campsite
How long did the entire trip take, and how many miles did they cover? 28 months, and 8,000 miles
How many new plant species/animal species did they find? 178 plants and 122 animals
What position in government did both Lewis and Clark hold after returning from the expedition? Both were governors....Clark:Missouri governor....and Louis: Louisiana governor
Created by: SSSullivan