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LA History

Chapter 7 SG

What treaty transfered LA from France to Spain? Treaty of Fountainbleu
What factor attracted the Acadians to LA? The land and Catholicism
Who was the first Spanish governor of LA? Antonio de Ulloa
Which Spanish governor of LA has been described as a reserved scientist, quiet, low-keyed, and noted scholar? Ulloa
Which law supported by Ulloa angered the LA colonists? Spanish trade laws
Why were the Acadians evicted from Canada? They didn't take the British oath of Allegiance
What was the Spanish organization that functioned as town council and as the court of law? Cabildo
Which Spanish governor allowed merchants to set up trade in New Orleans, married the daughter of a wealthy French merchant, and repaired a number of LA forts? Unzaga de Amezaga
What group of LA immigrants came from the Canary Islands? Isleños
Who was the governor of LA during the American Revolution? Gálvez
Why did Spain not openly support the colonists in the American Revolution? The Americans would not stay on the own land
During the American Revolution, what was the main British target of the Spaniards? Pensacola
What hindered the military movement of the Spanish in the Gulf of Mexico? Hurricanes
What did Governor Carondelet do to improve his control of LA during the French Revolution? He increased the support of the Native Americans
What issues did O'Reilly face? He faced the effects of the rebellion, replaced the Superior Council with the Cabildo, and most colonists didn't want to take the oath of allegiance to Spain
What did O'Reilly contribute? He set the colony straight, ordered a census and a surveryor, and led the colony to be more loyal
How effective was O'Reilly? He was called Bloody O'Reilly and put his troops on the parade grounds to show their skill and number
How did the French Revolution affect the Upper Class? The French noblemen who supported the King of France left France and moved to LA to live
How did the French Revolution affect the Middle Class? They were watched more closely by those who controlled the colony because may joined revolutionary groups
How did the French Revolution affect the Slaves? They expected supporters of more freedom to support them in a planned uprising
How did the French Revolution affect the Indians? They formed closer ties to their governing forces
Name 4 hardships colonial soldiers had to face in the French and Indian War. Began at daybreak & ended after sunset – LONG Days! Carried heavy equipment and supplies Couldn’t talk or even cough while marching – DISCIPLINED Meals consisted of dry salt fish & rum Sometimes had to do without food
Due to a poem written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, what character has become a widespread symbol of the Acadians? Evangeline
Which country sells LA to the Americans? France
Created by: mjys02