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CAM-CV indications

ACU-CV indications (CAM)

Luo connecting pt for CV CV 15
CV 1 is famous pt for what symptom? Hemorrhoids
Which points to use for Vaginitis? CV 1 & 3
Which points to use for Retenstion of urine? CV 1-4,9
Before puncturing these two points, you must let patient to empty the bladder CV 2,3
Front Mu point for Bladder CV 3
Front Mu point for Small Intestine CV 4
two points for tonification (QI&KD) CV 4,6
Front Mu point for San Jiao CV 5
Which point is MOXA ONLY? CV 8
Which points 4 nocturnal emission? CV 1-4,6
Which points for irregular menstruation CV 1-4,6,7
Which points for Enuresis? CV 1-6
Which point is for Dribling Urine? CV 2
Which points for Hernia, morbid leukorrhea? CV 2-7
which point is for prolapse of uterus? CV 3
Which point is water point? (retention of urine and edema) CV 9
Front Mu pt of ST CV 12
Influential pt of FU organs (SI, LI, GB, UB, ST) CV 12
Front Mu pt of HT CV 14
Front Mu pt of PC CV 17
What are symptoms of CV 18? pain in the chest, cough, asthma, vomiting
What are symptoms of CV 19-21? pain in the chest, cough, asthma
CV 22 has special puncture method. what is it? first puncture perpendicularly 0.2, then along the post aspect of sternum 0.5-1.0 inch
CV 23 has special puncture method. what is it? O 0.5-1.0 puncture toward tongue root
CV 15 has special puncture method. what is it? Obliquely downward 0.4-0.6 inch, No Deep Needle
CV 24 has special puncture method. what is it? Obliquely upward 0.2-0.3 inch
Which point is good for voice and speech? CV 23
Apoplexy-Flaccid type (Deficient pattern) CV 4,6,8
Sea of the QI CV 6
Which point is for anuria CV 5
Which point is for prolapse of rectum? CV 4,8
Which points for amenorrhea? CV 5,6
Which points for constipation? CV 6
Which points for dysentery CV 6, 12
Which points for indigestion? CV 4, 10, 12
Which point for pruritus valvae? CV 7
Which point for unchecked diarrhea (nonstop)? CV 8
which points are for borborygmus? CV 8-12
which point is for epigastric pain? CV 10
Which points are for vomiting? CV 10-14
which points for abdominal distention, bomiting, stomachache? CV 11,12,13
Which points for anorexia? CV 11,16
which point is for jaundice? CV 12
Which points for insomnia? CV 12,13
Which points for acid regurgitation? CV 12,14
Which points for nausea? CV 12-16
which points for epilepsy CV 13,14,15
which points for cardiac pain? CV 14, 15
Which points include all of these symptoms? cardiac pin, epilepsy, mental disorder, nausea, chest pain CV 14, 15
which points for palpitation? CV 14,17
Which points for metnal disorder? CV 1,14,15,24
which points for hiccup? CV 16,17,22
Which points for distention and fullness in chest and intercostal region? CV 16, 20
Which point is for insufficient lactation? CV 17
which point is for dry throat, goiter, sore throat? CV 22
which points for asthma? CV 17-22
Which points for cough and asthma? CV 18-22
These are indications for which point? apoplexy-aphasia with stiff tongue, swelling pain in subglossal, salivation w/ glossal plegia CV 23
Salivation, toothache, deviation of eyes and mouth, facial puffiness, swelling of gum CV 24
Which points should be puctured with caution for pregnant women? CV 2-13
points above umbilicus includes which indications? vomiting, nausea
poins below umbilicus includes which indications? uterine related, bladder related
How to distinguish CV 13,14,15 CV 13-epilepsy + stomachacheCV 14-epilepsy + heart symptom(palpitation, cardiac pain)CV 15-epilepsy + ht symptom (no palpitation)
Special puncture method for CV 15. what is it? Obliquely downward 0.4-0.6 inch
Created by: sbusbu