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Endocrine System

WVSOM: Endocrine System

What are the three cell types found in the pars distalis Acidophils, basophils and chromophobes
What do somatotrophs secrete Growth Hormone (GH)
What do mammotrophs secrete Prolactin
What are the acidophils Somatotrophs and mammotrophs
What are the basophils Thryotrophs, Gonadotrophs, and corticotrophs
What do the thryotrophs secrete TSH
TSH causes the release of what thyroxine and triiodothryonine
Gonadotrophs release what FSH
What do Corticotrophs release ACTH
What does the release of ACTH trigger The release of glucocorticoids
What is another name for the posterior portion of the pituitary pars nervosa (neurohypophysis)
What are Herring bodies Stores of oxytocin and ADH in the axon terminals
What are pituicytes support cells found in the pars nervosa
What does the release of oxytocin cause smooth muscle contraction, milk release, and uterine contractions
What organ/gland appears to look like bubble gum thyroid
Another name for parafollicular cells C-cells
What do C-cells secrete calcitonin
Are C-cells part of the epithelium in the thyroid NO!
Calcitonin limits the activity of what osteoclast
Would high or low levels of blood calcium stimulate calcitonin high
Principal cells are another name for what Follicular cells
What do principle/follicular cells release T3 and T4 hormones
What do T3 and T4 hormones cuases increase in basal metabolic rate, increase in CO, increase food consumption, cartilage growth, and other energy requring cell functions
What mainly makes up the colloid in the thyroid gland inactive thyroid hormone (thryoglobulin)
What is hashimoto's disease An autoimmune disease that causes destruction of the thyroid resulting in hypothyroidism
What is another name for hyperthyroidism thryotoxicosis
Symptoms of hyperthyroidism fatigue, weight loss, rapid pulse, red eyes, nervousness, sweating, heat intolerance, etc...
How many parathyroid glands usually exist 4
Where are they located (general) posterior of thyroid
PTH is released by what gland parathyroid glands
What action does PTH have on osteoclast increases their activity
What else does PTH regulate phosphate levels
What function does the pineal gland serve 24 hour cyclic release of hormones
What are three symptoms releated to hyperparathyroidism kidney stones, bone loss, and muscular weakness
Surgical removal of the thyroid could result in what disorder hypothyroidism
Low blood calcium levels could maifest as what muscle cramps and tingling in fingers and toes
The pineal gland works in harmony with what other gland hypothalamus
From superficial to deep, name the zones adrenal cortex zona Glomerulosa, zona fasciculata and zona reticulais
What does the zona glomerulosa secrete/control mineralcorticoids (mainly aldosterone) in response to angiotensin II
What does the cytoplasm of the zona glomerulosa stain acidophilic
What is the thickest layer of the cortex zona fasciulata
What does the zona fasiculata secrete glucocorticoids (cortisol and corticosterone) in response to ACTH
What does the zona reicularis secrete small amounts of glucocorticoids, and DHEA and androstenedione
What is Cushings syndrome hypersecretion of cortisol and androgens
What is addisons disease hyposecretion of adrenal cortex
Name the three cell types in the islets of langerhans Alpha cells, beta cells, and delta cells
Describe Alpha cells make up 20% of cells and secrete glucagon
Describe Beta cells make up 70% of cells and secrete insulin
Describe Delta cells make up 5-10% and secrete somatostatin
Where do centerendocrine cells hang out in the GI crypts of lieberkuhn
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