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Hisotry test 8

4th grade history

To cut wool off a sheep shear
To make sheep's wool into yarn spin
a large frame used to make cloth from yarn or thread loom
people or companies that provide a service or goods vendors
a period of time in which workers refuse to work until their demands are met strike
a place of business in which raw cotton, grain, or lumber is made into useful products mill
s sudden increase in production boom
people coming to America from other countries immigrants
became one of the wealthiest men in the world Andrew Carnegie
groups of workers who join together to help each other union
a place where industry takes place factory
Lumbermen built bigger mills and hired more workers After the steam engine was invented
During the American Industrial Revolution, what caused industries to spring up almost overnight? the beginning of the American Civil War
During the American Industrial Revolution America became more city than country
with child labor during the American Industrial Revolution some children were injured by the machinery.
The immigrants of 1840 made America's business successful
Most children who worked in factories during the Industrial Revolution had to give their money to help their families
One reason the Industrial Revolution in America was slow was because of Americas thousands of streams and rivers.
As a result of the Industrial Revolution, many women began to work away from home.
Created by: calbright
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