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TX 3rd STAAR Vocab

the ideas behind the reforms enacted by James Hogg. He favored a strong state government and regulation of railroads and trusts. Progressive Movement
Terribly outnumbered, the Texans fought and lost the battle of the Alamo. Instead of symbolizing Mexican strength, the fall of the Alamo represented Texas fortitude. “Remember the Alamo” became a battle cry for Texas independence. Siege of the Alamo
this man served as a role model for Mexican-Americans in Texas through his political activities. He was awarded the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award in 1994. Henry B. Gonzalez (1916-2000)
members of this group consist of people who share systems of faith and worship including sacred beliefs and observances. religious groups
oil was discovered in East Texas in 1901. This major strike changed the Texas economy and made petroleum refining the leading Texas industry. When oil ("black gold") was also discovered in Beaumont, Texas on January 10, 1901 it helped bring in tourists. Spindletop
a document that specifies the basic rights protected under the Texas Constitution - freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of press, and the right to trial by jury. Texas Bill of Rights
document stating that Texans were not revolting against Mexico but that they supported the actions of Santa Anna. Turtle Bayou Resolutions
first used to protect settlers moving into west Texas in the 1830's. Texas Rangers
He promoted higher education throughout his career, especially through the University Interscholastic League, with which he worked for 30 years. Roy Bedichek (1878-1959)
a time of great social and economic adjustment for the southern states that reapplied to the Union after the Civil War. Reconstruction (1867-1877)
the degree to which persons or organizations are better off financially at the end of a time period than they were at the beginning. profit
members of this group consist of people who share systems of faith and worship including sacred beliefs and observances. religious groups
the treaty that ended the war with Mexico in 1848. The Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
He arrived at San Felipe after the passage of the Law of April 6, 1830 that made his entry illegal. He performed legal work and was best remembered for his leadership during the Battle of the Alamo in 1836. William B. Travis (1809-1836)
maps that show a specific spatial distribution, theme, or topic such as population density, cattle production, climates of the world, or distribution of world religions. thematic maps
members of this group share racial, linguistic, and cultural connections resulting from their common heritage. ethnic groups
the amount of goods available as well as the desire to own something and the ability to pay for it. supply and demand
Texas used the U.S. Constitution as a model in order to establish three branches of government with limited powers, protect individual rights, and promote the common good. Texas Constitution
The mass movement of people from farms to cities; growth of city into surrounding countryside. urbanization
A political and military leader during the Texas Revolution and the era of the Republic of Texas. He commanded a militia unit of Mexicans living in Texas at the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836. Juan Seguin (1806-1890)
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