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8th Ringcard 87-116

Ringcard Vocab 87-116

Trans App West land between Mississippi River and Appalachian Mountains
Judiciary Act of 1801 law increasing number of federal judges
judicial review Supreme Court has final say interpreting Constitution
Marbury vs Madison Supreme Court case established judicial review
John Marshall 2nd chief justice
Louisiana Territory land between Mississippi River and Rocky Mountains
Louisiana Purchase purchased from France doubled size of US
Embargo Act of 1807 closed American ports to British ships
War of 1812 between US and Britain increased patriotism
War Hawks wanted to fight Britain in War of 1812
Battle of Thames US victory stopped British invasion of Northwest Territory
Battle of New Orleans Andrew Jackson hero (war had already ended)
Treaty of Ghent ended War of 1812
Samuel Slater brought water wheel to America
Industrial Revolution factory machines replaced hand tools
interchangeable parts parts exactly alike
Robert Fulton invented steamboat
Samuel F B Morse invented telegraph
Eli Whitney invented cotton gin and interchangeable parts
Cotton Gin machine to clean cotton faster
Nat Turner led most famous slave rebellion
Nationalism pride in one's nation
Sectionalism pride in section or region of country
Henry Clay idea of American System
American System idea for US to be independent
James Monroe president during Era of good feeling
Monroe Doctrine US closed to further colonization
Missouri Compromise added Maine as free state and Missouri as slave state
Henry Miller Shreeve improved steamboat
John Deere invented plow
Created by: darrin.jones


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