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OH- Ch. 9

Ohio Chapter 9

When did World War 1 begin? 1914
2. What were Great Britain, Russia, and Italy called? 2. Allies
3. What were Germany, Austria-Hungry, and Turkey called? 3. Central Powers
4. What does neutral mean? 4. to stay out of a war and not pick sides
5. Who was our president at the beginning of WW I? 5. Woodrow Wilson
6. Why did the US become involved in the war? 6. Why did the US become involved in the war?
7. Ohio factories were very helpful in WWI. Which Ohio products were needed? 7. steel, airplanes, trucks, tires, gas masks, and farm products
8. What was the Great Migration? 8. when many African Americans moved to Ohio to make the products needed in the war
9. Who else came to Ohio to work? 9. people from Appalachia
10. How did women help in the war effort? 10. They worked in factories, farmed, made bandages, sewed clothes and blankets, and were nurses in Europe.
11. List 3 things invented during the Roaring Twenties. 11. radio, movies, cars
12. What did the 19th amendment allow? 12. the right for women to vote
13. What is a stock? 13. a share of part ownership in a company
14. What happened on October 29, 1929? 14. The stock market crashed. People lost all of their money and savings.
15. What was the Great Depression? 15. A time when people had very little money and few jobs.
16. In 1932, a new president was elected. Who was it? 16. Franklin Delano Roosevelt or FDR
17. What was his plan to get the USA out of the Depression? 17. the New Deal
18. What happened in 1939? 18. World War II began
19. When did the US enter the war? 19. 1941
20. Why did the US enter the war? 20. the bombing of Pearl Harbor
21. How did Ohio help the war effort? 21. making steel products, rubber products, and car parts
22. What was a “victory garden”? 22. people were encouraged to plant gardens to supply vegetables to the war effort and to one another
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