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The Great Depression

Crash of 1929 First event of a terrible depression.
Black tuesday Stock market prices plummeted marking the beginning of the Great Depression.
100 Days A special session of Congress kept busy passing FDR's programs.
New Deal Roosevelt's programs to fight the depression.
Bonus army WW1 veterans who marched to Washington D.C to collect their promised bonuses early.
Second New Deal Another set of programs to fight the depression passed in 1935.
Defict spending Using borrowed money to pay for government programs.
Dust Bowl Farms damaged across a large area of the mid-section of the United States.
States most effected by the Dust Bowl Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico
Migration Routes Highways that became routes from the dust bowl to California and Oregon
Franklin D. Roosevelt... Failed to back civil rights laws.
Most Northern State in Dust Bowl North Dakota
African Americans began to support Democrats
Sit-Down-Strike Workers stop working but stay on job site.
Securities Exchange and Commission (SEC) Keeps an eye on the stock market.
Liberal A political view that favors strong government action.
How entering WW2 helped end the Great Depression The manufacturing of weapons created new jobs for many.
How Eleanor Roosevelt helped during FDR's presidencey She went on tour, helped the poor, and supported women's rights.
How voting patterns changed for African Americans They began to support the democrat FDR.
How FDR lost popularity with the American people For adding more judges into the judicial system.
How did buying on margin contribute to the stock market crash? People were borrowing 1/2 of the money had to sell it for less than they paid for it.
What results of the New Deal are in effect today? *SEC, *A National Pension System SSA, and *Oversight of Labor Practices (Agricultural Price Supports, Protection For Savings, Regulation of the Stock Market.
How did Hoover and Roosevelt approach the problem of the Great Depression. Hoover- Let it solve itself Roosevelt- Organized steps and government programs
Five main causes of the Great Depression )Problems in farming and business )Stock market problems )Overstock of products and goods )Much debt )Low incomes
Three ways FDR dealt with the depression )Closed banks and reopened good ones. )New Deals )100 days
Five Ways Americans were effected by the depression )Many lost jobs )Many lost homes )Many went hungry )Children ran away )Left farms
Lasting effects of the depression )Presidential power increased )FDIC insure banks )Social Security Act )Fear of losing money$.
The Great Depression occurred in the... 1930s
Roosevelt's Plan Relief, Recovery, and Reform
Blamed for the depression Herbert Hoover
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