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ss ch 6 vocab

Social Studies ch 6 vocabulary

Border States Slave states that remained part of the Union during the Civil War.
Casualties People who are killed, wounded, captured, or missing during a military action.
Draft Forced enrollment in the armed forces.
Emancipation Liberation, especially from slavery.
Camp A place where tents or other temporary shelters are set up, especially for soldiers or travelers.
Home Front The civilian population or the civilian activities of a country at war.
Civilian A person not serving in the armed forces.
Telegraph A communication system that used electric impulses to send message by wire.
Total war A method of warfare where anything connected to an enemy's resources is destroyed.
Desert To leave, abandon, or withdraw, especially from an army.
Reconstruction The period following the Civil War during which the Confederate states rejoined the Union.
Assassination The murder of a public figure by surprise attack, usually for political reasons.
Freedmen's Bureau A federal agency formed to aid and protect former enslaved people in the South after the Civil War.
Impeach To formally charge a public official with misconduct in office.
Sharecropping A system of farming in which a tenant farmer pays a share of the crops as rent to the landowner.
Jim Crow The practice of discriminating against and segregating African Americans after Reconstruction.
Segregation The practice of separating a group of people from the rest of society.
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