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Chapter 12 SS

Black Tuesday Stock market prices fell in the beginning of The Great Depression.
Hundred Days A special session of Congress kept busy by passing FDR's programs.
New Deal Roosevelt's programs to fight the Depression.
Bonus Army Marched to Washington D.C. to collect early payment for fighting in WWI.
Second New Deal Another set of programs to fight the Depression, passed in 1935.
Deficit Spending Using borrowed money to pay for government programs.
Dust Bowl Farms damaged across a large area of the mid-section of the U.S.
Sit Down Strike Workers stopped working but stayed on the job site.
SEC Keeps an eye on the stock market.
Liberal A political view that favors strong government action.
How entering WWII helped to end the depression They had to purchase military equipment, which forced them to save up. They had to hire many people.
How Eleanor Roosevelt helped during FDR's presedency She was his eyes and ears. She went around and saw how programs were working.
How voting changed for African Americans Most of them changed from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party.
How FDR lost popularity with Americans He tried to increase the number of judges on the Supreme Court.
How Roosevelt took charge at the beginning of his presidency He gave people hope, smart ad visors, took immediate steps.
How buying on margin contributed to the stock market crashing People weren't able to pay back what they loaned so they sold their stock.
The results of the New Deal that are still in effect today Pensions, labor union support, and the SEC.
How Hoover and Roosevelt approach the problem of the Depression Hoover- Problem solved by the people. Roosevelt- Problem solved by the government.
Five main causes of the Depression Problems in business and farming, incomes were unequal, unsold goods, debt, stock market problems.
Three examples of how FDR fought the Depression Established bank holidays, fireside chats, first and second New Deal.
Five ways Americans were affected Lost jobs, lost homes, had to leave farms, children ran away, hunger.
Four lasting effects of the Depression and the New Deal People afraid of losing money and property, FDIC, Social Security Act, stronger presidency.
When the Great Depression occured 1930's.
The three R's of FDR's plan Relief, recovery, reforms.
Who Americans blamed for the Depression Herbert Hoover
Migration Routes Highways became routes from the Dust Bowl to California and Oregon.
States most affected by the Dust Bowl Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Failed to back Civil Rights Laws.
Most Northern State in Dust Storm North Dakota
African Americans Began to support Democrats.
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