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Geopolitics - US

Geopolitics - Alexander MECHS

Which branch of government in the United States became more powerful during the period between the beginning of the Great Depression and the end of the Vietnam War? The Executive
Which president promoted a "Great Society" and war on poverty? Lyndon B. Johnson
Larger government, social welfare, individual rights and increased regulation of business is generally associated with which political party in the United States? Democratic
Smaller government. decreased regulation of the economy and individual responsibility is generally associated with which political party in the United States? Republican
Which political party is generally associated with the term "conservative" ? Republican
Which political party is generally associated with the term 'liberal' ? Democratic
The Cold War describes an era in American History detailing the American approach to the proliferation of which type of government? Communism
Congress created this entity during Nixon's administration to address standards for air and water quality? Environmental Protection Agency
Which law passed during Nixon's term requires the government to identify and protect plants and animals that are threatened with extinction? The Endangered Species Act
Which Supreme Court decision upheld students' right to protest the Vietnam War in public schools? Tinker v. Des Moines
Which Supreme Court decision upheld citizens' right to refuse education on the basis of religion? Wisconsin v. Yoder
Which Supreme Court decision legalized early term abortion? Roe v. Wade
Which Supreme Court decisions ruled segregation in schools to be unconstitutional? Brown v. Board of Education
This was proposed and approved by Congress during Nixon's tenure in office, but it failed to meet State-level ratification requirements. Equal Rights Amendment
This country experienced a communist revolution in 1949 China
This American diplomat refused to shake hands with the Chinese Premier in 1954 during the greater than two decade period when the United States refused to recognize the legitimacy of the Chinese government. John Foster Dulles
Term used to describe the policy that promoted a relaxation of tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States during the Cold War. detente
A foreign policy objective that was primarily aimed at stopping the global spread of communism. containment
Opening relations with China was one of this president's greatest foreign policy achievements. Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon's vice-presidential running-mate. Forced to resign from the Vice-Presidency when it was revealed that he took bribes as governor of Maryland. Spiro Agnew
Nixon's appointed VP. Gerald Ford
As the powers of the office of the President grew, presidents may have felt entitled to executive privilege (seeing themselves as above or removed from the law), leading historians to call this type of administration The _______________ Presidency. imperial
What event did President Carter boycott in 1980? The Olympics
In 1972, former CIA agents working for Nixon's reelection campaign were caught breaking into the Democratic National Headquarters. This scandal is known as Watergate
Rising prices coupled with high unemployment is an economic condition known as stagflation
What was Ford's response to the Nixon Watergate Scandal upon assuming the Presidency of the United States. pardoned Nixon
A supranational organization created to control the global oil economy and give voice to the political concerns of Middle Eastern countries. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
The religious leader who replaced the shah of Iran after the revolution of 1978 was? Ayatollah Khomeini
Jimmy Carter's foreign policy was largely based on a platform that advocated _________________ . human rights
Negotiations between Israel and Egypt that halted 30 years of war between the two countries... Camp David Accords
The use of bombings, assassinations, kidnappings, etc... to make sure a political group's voice is heard and that other governments yield to their demands. Terrorism
This president referred to the USSR as an 'evil empire' Ronald Reagan
This president appointed Gerald Ford to the Vice Presidency after his election. Richard Nixon
Sweeping immigration reform in 1986 that legalized illegal aliens who had lived in the US since 1981. Mazzoli-Simpson Act
US Marines reversed a communist takeover on this island nation north of Venezuela. Grenada
A space-based system to shoot down missiles, deterring the Soviets Strategic Defense Initiative
This president chose to boycott the 1980 Olympics held in Moscow. Jimmy Carter
Afghan rebel funded by the US to fight the USSR's invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Osama Bin Laden
Libyan dictator known to harbor and help terrorists. Muammar Gaddafi
A secret operation run by White House officials designed to profit from arms sales to terrorist sympathizers while funding anti-communist movements in Central America. The Iran-Contra Affair
Supply-sde economics or lower taxes and fewer regulations on businesses is known as Reaganomics
In 1983, 241 Marines were killed by a suicide bomber in this country. Lebanon
Soviet leader who introduced free enterprise reforms to a failing Russian economy. Mikhail Gorbachev
What was one negative outcome of reduced taxes coupled with increased military spending during the Reagan years? The National Debt increased dramatically.
Some of Reagan's policies resulted in the closing of many State Mental Health Institutions. What was one negative outcome of these closings? A dramatic rise in homelessness
A system that curtails the individual power of any single branch of the United States government. checks and balances
Media exploitation of political scandals. muckraking
Why did Congress pass new laws to limit presidential power in 1975? Watergate
OPEC placed an oil embargo on the US and Western Europe in 1973 in response to our support for which country? Israel
Which US President was a war hero who became the youngest navy pilot in US History? George H.W. Bush
Why did taxes go up in the post-Reagan years? Increased military spending and a higher deficit
The area of the midwest that suffered an economic slump as a result of closing factories that could no longer compete in global markets Rust Belt
Victim of police brutality that sparked riots in LA as a result of a not-guilty verdict for the offending officers Rodney King
A deteriorating economy and new technology inspired more people to move to this area of the country Sun Belt
Civil unrest between Mexican American teenagers and US servicemen in Los Angeles in 1943 Zoot Suit Riots
Drug dealing dictator of Panama removed by US forces in 1989 Manuel Noriega
A humanitarian mission was sent to this country in 1992 to stop starvation and genocide Somalia
Leader of Iraq who invaded Kuwait in 1990 over an oil dispute Saddam Hussein
Which president came from poor roots in Arkansas, but attended Yale as a Rhodes scholar? Bill Clinton
He ran one of the most successful third party candidate campaigns for president in 1992, that ultimately split the conservative vote between himself and George HW Bush Ross Perot
This president cut federal spending, raised taxes on the rich and cut taxes for the poorest Americans. Bill Clinton
Where is Iraq? The Middle East
Where is Serbia, Bosnia and Kosova? The Balkan Peninsula
This president faced impeachment for having a sexual affair with a White House intern Bill Clinton
This president's greatest foreign policy achievement was the Persian Gulf War. George HW Bush
Where is Somalia? The horn of Africa
Where is South Africa The southern tip of the African continent
The UN (international community) failed to respond to the tragic genocide in this country in the early 1990's? Rwanda
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