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7th Grade Texas History - Ch. 12

annexation formal joining of one political region to another
What year did the battle of the Alamo take place? 1836
Who was the president of Mexico in the 1830s? Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
What is a group of soldiers on horseback called? Cavalry
William Travis and Jim Bowie agreed to share command of what? The Alamo
Who wrote the letter, "To the People of Texas and All Americans in the World"? William B. Travis
What was the name of the place where the treaty was signed giving Texas independence? Velasco
The 400 Texas soldiers in Goliad were under the command of? James Fannin
Where was the last battle of the Texas Revolution fought? San Jacinto
Where was the Convention of 1836 held? Washington-On-The-Brazos
Who was the Mexican commander at the battle of Coleto Creek? General Jose de Urrea
I was a famous frontiersman from Tennessee who brought 13 volunteers to the Alamo. Who am I? David Crockett
I was a Tejano scout for the Texas army who successfully pleaded with Sam Houston to allow my men to fight at San Jacinto. Juan Sequin
What words did William B. Travis end his famous letter with? Victory of Death
How long did the battle of The Alamo last? 90 minutes (1 hour and a half)
What was the name of the person who decided not to stay and fight after Travis's speech at the Alamo? Louis "Moses" Rose
What was the name of the battle that began when the Texans refused to surrender their cannon to mexican troops? Battle of Gonzales
What is the military term for "foot soldiers"? Infantry
Who was the Highest ranking Texan in the revolution? Sam Houston
What is the english translation for the song "El Deguello" that Santa Anna's troops played at the seige of the Alamo? "Slit Throat"
What was the name of the Mexican commander who was forced to surrender at the battle of San Antonio? General Martin Perfecto de Cos
The "red flag" that Santa Anna raised at the seige of the Alamo signified what? "No Mercy" or "Death to Traitors"
This flag was the only flag used by the Texas army at what battle? (star with Liberty-Death) Battle of San Jacinto
Famous scene picture under tree The surrender of General Santa Anna
Why does the Alamo flag have the number 1824 on it? Because they were fighting for the Constitution of 1824
How long did the Battle of San Jacinto last? 18 minutes
Name the battle outside San Antonio where the Texans captured mules and supplies headed for the city? The Grass Fight
Scout for Colonel Burleson, whose report led to the Grass Fight Erastus "Deaf" Smith
Following Santa Anna's capture of the Alamo, Texas fled to the east in the panic known as? The Runaway Scrape
Who was sent by Sam Houston to the Alamo to evaluate the situation there in January of 1836? James Bowie
Who was the officer elected to replace Stephan F. Austin as commander of the Texas army outside of San Antonio? Colonel Edward Burleson
The new Texas constitution was modeled after what document? The U.S. Constitution
What was the first battle of the revolution that was being fought for Texas Independence and not the Constitution of 1824? The battle of Coleto Creek
Who was elected ad-interim president of Texas at the Convention of 1836? David G. Burnet
Who was nicknamed "The Angel of Goliad" for helping save the lives of some Texan Prisoners? Francita Alavez
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