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Leach EH Chapter 6

Leach Eastern Hemisphere Chapter 6 terms

Himalayas Mountain range that forms a natural barrier between India and the rest of Asia
Pilgrim A person who travels to visit a religious shrine or location
Stupa A Buddhist shrine that is shaped like a dome or a mound
Dynasty A line of rulers from the same family
Dalai Lama Buddhist religious leader who is also the head of the government in the country of Tibet
Harappan India’s first civilization, which was located in the Indus River Valley
Guru Religious leader and spiritual guide in Hinduism
Caste A social group that a person is born into and cannot change
Raja Leaders of Aryan tribes in India
Sanskrit Written language of the Aryans
Monsoon A strong wind that blows one direction in winter and the opposite in the summer, causing seasonal weather patterns in India
Subcontinent A large land mass that is part of a continent, but distinct from it
Hinduism A system of religion that grew out of the religion of the Aryans in ancient India
Brahman In Hinduism, the universal spirit of which all gods and goddesses are parts
Reincarnation The rebirth of the soul or spirit into different bodies over time
Dharma In Hinduism, the divine law that requires people to perform the duties of their caste
Karma In Hinduism, the good or bad energy a person builds up based upon whether he or she lives a good or bad life
Buddhism A religion that taught the way to find truth and peace was to give up all desires
Nirvana In Buddhism, a state of wisdom and freedom from the cycle of rebirth
Theocracy A government headed by a religious leader
Created by: CoachLeach
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