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Julias SPSG

spanish california study guide

Who founded the first Missions in Alta California? Father Junipero Serra
Who was the governer of New Spain who traveled with Father Serra to establish the first Mission in Alta California. Gaspar de Portola
Explorer who discovered the New World in 1492? Christopher Columbus
Who conquered the Aztec Indians? Hernando Cortes
Who discovered Monterey Bay? Sebastion Vizcaino
Who was the English Explorer who threatened New Spain? Sir Francis Drake
Who was the first explorer to explore Alta California? Juan Cabrillo
What was the road that connected all the Missions in California? El Camino Real
Where do Indians come to live and learn the Catholic Faith? Missions
How many types of settlements were in Alta California? Three
How many mission were there, how far away from eachother and what road were they connected by? 21 Missions, One day apart, Connected by El Camino Real
What were Spanish forts in California? Presidios
How many presidios were there? Four
What were towns where Spanish settlers lived? Pueblos
Where and when was the first pueblo? San Jose in 1777.
What were the five spanish contributions to California? 1. Religion (catholic) 2. Language 3. Roads 4. Towns 5. Skills (weaving and farming)
Created by: higgihouse