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Social Studies ch.3

US History: WWI-Modern Times

containment a foreign policy that tried to keep communism from spreading
denounce to speak out against something or someone
dictator a ruler who has absolute power
baby boom a rapid growth in the birth rate; especially applies to period following WWII
internment the state of being confined or locked up
implication something suggested rather than stated directly
isolationist someone who wants his or her country to remain neutral or to stay out of world affairs
persuade to convince
rationing limiting the availability of products, sometimes including food
suburbs small communities outside urban areas
boycott the refusal of a service or product
civil rights movement the movement for equality, especially to guarantee fair treatment of African Americans
demonstration a public protest
discrimination unfair treatment
relationship connections between ideas or people
segregation the practice of separating people or groups on the basis of race or another factor
unanimous without dissent or disagreement
draft the requirement that young men serve in the armed forces involuntarily
administration in US government, the group of people in the executive branch during a president's term
brinkmanship a political strategy in which two opposing sides push each other to the brink, or edge of war
chart a visual that organizes information by horizontal rows and vertical columns
detente an ease in tensions between nations
guerilla a member of an independent armed force
blockade an attempt to cut off all communications and supplies to an area
repression control by force
succeed to follow or come after
trend the general direction of change
conserve to keep things the same or to prevent waste or overuse
conservative related to a political group that thinks the government should have a limited role in regulating the economy and solving social problems
definition the exact meaning of a word
emissions pollution released into the air
example provides a sample that helps the reader understand what a group of something is like
inflation an increase in the overall price level for goods and services over time
imports goods and services brough over from other countries
deficit a shortage
debt money owed
liberal related to a political group that thinks the government should regulate industries and be involved in social issues to protect citizens
technology the machines and equipment developed from advances in scienitific knowledge
accountability responsibility
bias a belief, preference or prejudice
economic stimulus government spending intended to boost the economy or encourage it to grow
impact an effect
insurgent an armed rebel
surge a rapid rise
terrorists a person who uses fear and violence to advance a cause
popular vote the votes cast in an election by the registered voters
fundamentalist a person who believes in strict traditional interpretation of religious beliefs or principles
global warming an increase in the average temperatures on Earth
weapons of mass destruction chemical, biological and nuclear weapons designed to harm many people
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