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AP Human Geography Review

What 17th century treaty changed peoples' perceptions about the connection between territory, sovereignty and identity? The Peace of Westphalia
Establishing and cultivating a cultural identity based on territory and government is known as ______________ . Nationalism
An organization with three or more states (countries) as members that can make and/or influence policy with regard to territory, sovereignty and geopolitics is a _________________________________ . Supranational Organization
A voting district in which a national minority represents a majority is a ________________ . Majority-minority district
The cultivation of food and direct extraction and consumption of resources on Earth in their natural form. Primary Economic Activites
A supranational organization of nations on a single continent whose function is to facilitate the flow of capital, people and goods among member nations. The European Union
A supranational organization whose purpose is to facilitate the resolution of international conflict and promote the progress of humanity. The United Nations
A culturally distinct nation of 25-30 million people located in an area including parts of Turkey and Iraq who lack a sovereign state of their own. The Kurds
A culturally distinct nation of approximately 30 million who established sovereign territory by United Nations decree in 1947 that is the homeland for approximately one-third of its peoples today? The Jews
A multi-state nation divided into a Communist and a Democratic Republic as a result of Cold War geopolitics from the 1950's. Koreans
What year did the Peace of Westphalia end? 1648
The study of the internal organization and administration of a state's sovereignty. Local Scale
What is the overthrow of colonial powers known as? Decolonization
This type of government includes a royal family, but all are accountable to the rule of law. Constitutional Monarchy
A type of country scale in which all power is located within a single party whose ideology is based planning egalitarian economies and societies. Communism
A type of government in which all power rests with a single individual. Dictatorship
Area claimed as an individual's psychological territory. Personal Space
What is necessary for governments to control territory? Sovereignty and Legitimacy
This political entity is comprised of a permanent population, sovereign territory, legitimacy by other states, and an effective government and working ecomony state
What is the study of the relationship between people, political units and territory at various scales. political geography
The movement of degrees of power from a central source to multiple outlying sources within a state. Devolution
This is a type of boundary dispute over resources located above, below, or between borders. Allocational
When two political entities disagree about how the boundary between them should function, what type of dispute is this? Operational
Algeria and Vietnam were included in this country's colonial empire. France
Most of the colonized Eastern Hemisphere outside of the former Ottoman Empire did not gain independence until after this date? 1940
Developed by Wallerstein, this theory describes the origins and functioning of the global economic order? World Systems Theory
The concept that ethnicities have the right to govern themselves. self-determination
What is personal space? Space that we claim as individual psychological territory.
This supranational organization was formed to create a European free trade zone? The European Union
This supranational organization was established as an international peace-keeping organization? The United Nations
This conflict spanned several decades of the post WWII twentieth century and focused on the balance of power between the United States and the Soviet Union? The Cold War
This conflict initiated changes in European attitudes about the relationship between territory, sovereignty and identity? The Thirty Year's War
The division of government into separate scales of power, such as local, state and national is known as: Federalism
A type of governing system in which all power is incorporated as a branch of a single national government: Unitary
Forces such as ethnic strife or economic recession that work against political stability and unity: centrifugal forces
Forces such as prosperity, a common enemy or a single religion that contribute to political stability and unity: centripetal forces
The evolution of the activity core in an economic system from agricultural and subsistence activities to manufacturing and mass production of goods. Industrialization
Processes that include manufacturing of consumer goods, refining of petroleum and metallurgy are classified as: Secondary Economic Activities
Processes that transfer goods or deliver services to consumers. Tertiary Economic Activities
Processes that include participating in the design, improvement, administration or analysis of a product or service. Quaternary Economic Activities
A system in which the production and exchange of goods and services is driven by profit motive. Capitalism
This ideology has its roots in Marxism and is often partially implemented in free market economies to provide humanitarian assistance and place limits on exploitation that is driven purely by profit motive. Socialism
This type of activity is largely limited to fulfilling individual immediate needs. Subsistence
Type of society existing in core countries beginning around the late 20th century. Post- Industrial
Its origins can be traced back to processes evolving from the production of textiles in Britain. Industrial Revolution
A political entity founded on law and united by a compact for collective good. Commonwealth
A type of government in which power of the central government is limited and subordinate to regional or provincial governments. In this type of government, the central government has no direct authority over citizens. Confederacy
A type of dictatorship characterized by nationalism and a disproportionate focus on a single individual, who holds absolute power. Fascism
In Walt Rostow's Modernization Model of Development, the stage with widespread diversification and increasing specialization in manufacturing and industry. Drive to maturity.
In Walt Rostow's Modernization Model of Development, the stage in which wages are high and processes are dominated by a service-oriented economy. High Mass Consumption
School of thought on economic development that emphasizes unequal and perpetuated power and control relationships and is philosophically based on Marxism. Dependency Theory
Countries historically ruled by other powers who have gained their independence remain economically dependent upon and exploited by historical powers. This condition is called: neo-colonialism
What does NATO stand for? North Atlantic Treaty Organization
In Walt Rostow's model, which stage of economic development follows the traditional stage? Preconditions for Takeoff
What does NAFTA stand for? North American Free Trade Agreement
The process a country goes through when it abandons its own currency for that of U.S. currency. dollarization
A measure of the total value of the officially recorded goods and services produced within the borders of a country in a given year Gross Domestic Product
This Muslim country was invaded by the Soviets in 1979. Afghanistan
The U.S. Constitution established three branches of government. Which principle is reflected in this provision? Separation of Powers
The process by which foreign-born people settle in the United States? Immigration
Which Amendment guarantees the right to free speech, press and religion? The First Amendment
Which Amendment guarantees a speedy trial? The Sixth Amendment
Which Amendment protects you from being forced to incriminate yourself? The Fifth Amendment
What are the first ten Amendments to the US Constitution called? The Bill of Rights
What is the spread of traditions and ideas from one place to another known as? Cultural Diffusion
What language is spoken in the Muslim world? Arabic
Which Amendment abolished slavery? Thirteenth Amendment
Which Amendment provides US citizens with equal protection under the law? Fourteenth Amendment
Which type of government is rule by the people? democracy
Which type of government is rule by the aristocracy, or the elite only? oligarchy
Who is credited with writing most of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Who was the first president of the United States? George Washington
In what year did the American Civil War end? 1865
In what year was the current U.S. constitution adopted by the states? 1787
Who developed the Traditional Model of Economic Development? Walt Rostow
Altitude and latitude are principle determining factors of what physical geography characteristic? Climate
Veto power, the power to impeach, the power to ratify treaties and judicial review are all examples of: Checks and Balances
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