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Key Content Terms

territory a region of land; also, a region designated by Congress and organized under a governor.
diplomacy the art of conducting negotiations with other countries; People who engage in diplomacy are called diplomats
Texas War for Independence the 1836 rebellion of Texans against Mexican rule that resulted in Texas becoming an independent nation
annex o add a territory to a country. Such an addition is called an annexation.
manifest destiny the belief that it was America’s right and duty to spread across the North American continent
Mexican-American War the war with Mexico from 1846 to 1848 that resulted in Mexico ceding (Mexican Cession) to the United States a huge region from Texas to California;
Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo ended war with Mexico; led to the Mexican Cession in which U.S. gaining much new land (California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico; include parts of Colorado and Wyoming as well
Gadsden Purchase purchase by U.S. of parts of Arizona and New Mexico (1853) land was needed to build a good railroad route
Louisiana Purchase purchase of French claimed land by U.S. (1803) between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains; doubled U. S. claimed land
converts people who accept a new religion
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