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Reconstruction Saul

Wealth in SC during Reconstruction Poor
Lincoln's 10% Plan Former Confederate states would be allowed back into the Union when 10% of the voters took the oath of allegiance
Congress' View on President Lincoln's and President Johnson's Reconstruction Plans Congress thought their plans were too lenient (not strict enough)
Purpose of the Freedmen's Bureau Provide food, shelter, and education for newly freed slaves
Attempt to impeach/convict President Johnson Impeached for firing Sec of War. Conviction failed by 1 vote in the Senate
Sharecropping a worker lived and worked on the land but had to provide a certain amount of crops to the owner of the land
Jobs that many newly freedmen took during Reconstruction sharecropping
Most strict Reconstruction plan Congressional
Plan that took over Reconstruction Congressional
Reconstruction Amendments 13, 14, and 15 Amendments
13th Amendment Abolishes slavery
14th Amendment Citizenship to former slaves
15th Amendment All male citizens are allowed to vote
Carpetbagger Northerner who comes to the south and holds office as a Republican
Scalawag White southerner who supports the Republican Reconstruction
Ends Reconstruction President Hayes withdraws Federal troops
Compromise of 1877 In order to win the Presidency, President Hayes tells SC he will withdraw federal troops
Black Codes Laws the restricted African Americans
Constitution of 1868 Ratifies the 14th and 15th Amendment in SC and is when African American politics starts to rule SC
Wade Hampton Wins the governor election of 1876
Redeemers or Red Shirts Democrats that supported Wade Hampton, used violence and intimidation to sway voters
Crop Lien System Loan given to people who did not have to enough crops to give their land owner while sharecropping. Had to pay more of their crops the following season
Created by: sauljr20
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