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Chapter 8 review

What is an Arsenal? A place where weapons and ammunition is stored.
What made Congress call a revision to the Articles of Confederation? Shay's Rebellion
What did Daniel Shays's do to cause a rebellion? Daniel Shays led farmers who could not pay their debts or taxes (because of money shortages) to an arsenal. Farmers stood outside of courthouses so that they couldn't take any more farms away.
What is a delegate? A person sent to represent in Congress.
What are Framers? Fifty-five men who formed our Constitution together.
What is Confederation? A group of states that are loosely tied together. "A rope of sand"
What was worthless after the Revolutionary War? Paper money that was printed during the Revolutionary War was worthless. States had to print their own money.
What are electors? Someone who votes as a representative for many other people.
What was the one privilege that the Northwest Ordinance banned? Slavery was banned in the Northwest Territory.
When could a territory become a state? When the population of a territory reached 60,000 free adult men.
When could a territory have a legislature? When there is 5,000 free adult males it could elect its own lawmaking body.
What is the Northwest ORDINANCE? A law that divided the Northwest TERRITORY into smaller territories, each governed by a territorial governor.
What is a political party? A group of people with similar ideas trying to get their candidate elected.
What is the Northwest TERRITORY? Small territories governed by a territorial governor, in the Ohio valley.
What is a township? One of the six-mile squares in a territory.Townships were divided into 36 sections of 640 acres.
What is the Land Ordinance of 1785? Western lands that were divided into six-mile squares.
What is a legislature? The lawmaking part of government.
What is the Judicial Branch? The part of government consisting of the Supreme court and the lower federal courts, that interprets the laws.
What were some of the several important powers that the Articles of Confederation gave to Congress? Make war and peace Raise an Army and a Navy Print money Set up a postal system
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