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American Revolution


Patriot advantages George Washington- "people person", Home-field advantage, Determined to defend their homes and property.
Patriot disadvantages Poorly organized, Untrained, No navy, Little gunpowder and cannons.
British advantages Highly trained + experienced, Best navy in the world
British disadvantages Less reasons to fight hard, Risk of constant attacks, News/supplies took a long time to arrive.
When did Col. William Prescott and his men seize Bunker hill and Breed's hill? June 16, 1776
What was the purpose of "don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes"? The Patriots had little gunpowder and wanted to save it, so they only fired their guns when the British got close
What did the Battle of Bunker Hill show the British? That the Patriots will not be easy to defeat
Define blockade Shutting of a port to keep supplies from moving in or out
Common Sense Pamphlet written by Thomas Paine to convince the colonists to support independence from Great Britain
Who was assigned to write the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
The Declaration of Independence was adopted on _____ July 4th, 1776
What were the rights that colonists needed that were listed in the Declaration of Independence? Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
What did the main section of the Declaration of Independence include? 25 horrible things that the British did to the colonists
Why was the paragraph about slavery deleted from the Declaration of Independence? It was deleted because many people in the south needed slaves to work on their plantations in order to earn money, so they disagreed (In other words, the vote to keep the paragraph was disputed, because some wanted to keep it and some didn't)
When did the Battle of Long Island take place? August 1776
What happened at the Battle of Long Island? General William Howe lands on Long Island, 1,400 Americans were either killed, captured, or wounded
Who won the Battle of Long Island? The British
When did the Battle of Trenton take place? December 26, 1776
What happened at the Battle of Trenton? General Washington and his troops cross the Delaware Christmas night, and launch a surprise attack on the Hessians
Define hessians German Mercenaries (British side)
Who won the Battle of Trenton? The Patriots
When did the battle at Princeton take place? January 1777
What happened at the battle at Princeton? The British attempt a sneak attack on the Patriots, but fail and get seized by the Patriots
Who won the battle at Princeton? The Patriots
When did the Battle of Saratoga take place? October 1777
What happened at the Battle of Saratoga? The Patriots surround the British and force Burgoyne to surrender
Who won the Battle of Saratoga? The Patriots
After the Patriot victory in the Battle of Saratoga, what nation decided to become a Patriot ally? France
How did France help the Patriots during the American Revolution? They helped by giving money and supplies, Marquis de Lafayette helped to train soliders, and gave the Patriots a navy
How did Spain help the Patriots during the American Revolution? Bernardo de Galvez (governor of Louisiana) supplied the Patriots with weapons, medicine, clothing, gun powder and food (cattle)
How did Poland help the Patriots during the American Revolution? Thaddeus Kosciusko helped to build forts and other defenses, and Kasimir Pulaski trained cavalry
Define cavalry Troops on horseback
How did Prussia help the Patriots during the American Revolution? Friedrich Von Steuben helped to train soldiers and taught them how to use the bayonet
What areas of the south did the British take control of? Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC
What happened at the Battle of Yorktown? American troops led by Lafayette fought mini-battles against the larger British army, backing them into Yorktown (a peninsula). Washington came from the North and the French navy blocked a sea escape.
When did the British surrender? October 19, 1781
When was the Treaty of Paris for the American Revolution signed? 1783
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