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SS ch.2


assembly a group
charter a written code of rules or laws
declaration a statement
social contract the idea that government is a contract between leaders and the people
legislature a lawmaking body
peer someone who is of equal standing to another
representative government a form of government in which the people elect others to represent them in government
summarize to restate the most important information from a text
annex to add
boycott the refusal to use a service or product
abolish to do away with something, especially in reference to slavery
cause a reason for an action or condition
effect something caused by an action or or a condition
constitution a document definining the basic laws and principles of government for a state or nation
expansion the process of making something larger
federal national government; or governmental power that is divided between a central government and the states
independence freedom from outside control
revolution the removal of one government or ruler and replacement with another
sectional regional
abolitionist a person who believes in ending slavery
context the historical situation in which an event is set; also the text surrounding a word or phrase
point of view a way of looking at issues; an opinion or attitude
poll tax a fee that must be paid before a person can vote
Reconstruction the period of rebuilding the nation after the Civil War ended in 1865
secede to withdraw or break off from
surrender to stop fighting
territory a government-controlled area that is not officially a state
Emancipation Proclamation the official declaration by President Lincoln that freed enslaved persons living in the Confederate States
isolationism the policy of not participating in international relations
irony the use of words to describe the opposite of reality
muckrakers radical journalists who expose corruption in business or politics
reforms changes to improve society and remove abuses
social relating to human society
progressive interested in new ideas
Social Darwinism the belief that society follows the biological principle of the survival of the fittest, where wealth and power go to those who are best suited or more fit
League of Nations an international organization that helped nations settle disputes from 1919 to 1945
collective bargaining the process of workers negotiating with their employer
diplomacy the act of conducting negotiations between nations
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