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Jacob rhodes

Chapter 4 deffinitions

Nativism Hostility toward immigrants by native born people
Skyscraper A very tall building
Tenement Multifamily apartments usually dark crowded and barley meeting minimum living standards
Political machine An organization linked to a political party that often controlled local government
Party boss The person in control of a political machine
Graft The acquisition of money in dishonest ways
Individualism The belief that no matter what a persons background is he or she can still become successful through effort
Social darwinism A philosophy based on charles darwins theories of evolution and natural selection asserting that humans have developed through competition and natural selection with only the strongest surviving
Philanthropy Providing money to support humanitarian or social goals
Settlement house An institution located in a poor neighborhood that provided numerous community services
Americanization The process of acquiring or causing a person to acquire American traits and characteristicsn
Populism A politcal movement founded in the 1890s representing mainly farmers that favored free coinage or silver and government control of railroads and other large industries
Greenback A unit of paper currency first issued by the federal government during the civil war
Inflation An ongoing increase in prices and decrease in the value of money
Deflation an ongoing decrease in prices and an increase in the value of money
Cooperative A store where farmers buy products from each other
Graduated income tax A tax based on the net income of an individual or business and which taxes different income levels at different rates
Poll tax A tax of a fixed amount per person that had to be paid before the person could vote
Segregation The separation or isolation of a race class or group
Jim crow laws Statues enacted to enforce segregation
Lynch To execute by hanging without lawful approval
Created by: Jayro