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8th Ringcard 71-99

Ringcard Vocab 71-99

Federal Judiciary Act established court system - giving Supreme Court 6 judges
tariff tax on imported goods
Battle of Fallen Timbers between America and Natives over Trans App West
Treaty of Greenville ended Battle of Fallen Timbers (12 tribes signed ceding land)
Whiskey Rebellion farmers rebelled against tax on whiskey - proved Consitution powerful
Jay's Treaty between Britain & America - regained ships and Brit. gave up forts
Pinckney's Treaty between Spain & America - gained access to Mississippi River (picnic)
XYZ Affair 3 French agents anger America by bribing …ended all treaties w/ France
Alien and Sedition Acts written to control immigrants from slamming government
Secretary of State relationship with other countries
Secretary of Treasure nation's finances
Secretary of War nation's defense
Attorney General nation's legal matters
Legislative Branch makes laws (Congress- 2 houses)
Executive Branch enforces laws (president)
Judicial Branch interprets laws (court system)
Trans App West land between Mississippi River and Appalachian Mountains
Judiciary Act of 1801 law increasing number of federal judges
judicial review Supreme Court has final say interpreting Constitution
Marbury vs Madison Supreme Court case established judicial review
John Marshall 2nd chief justice
Louisiana Territory land between Mississippi River and Rocky Mountains
Louisiana Purchase purchased from France doubled size of US
Embargo Act of 1807 closed American ports to British ships
War of 1812 between US and Britain increased patriotism
War Hawks wanted to fight Britain in War of 1812
Battle of Thames US victory stopped British invasion of Northwest Territory
Battle of New Orleans Andrew Jackson hero (war had already ended)
Treaty of Ghent ended War of 1812
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