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TExES Competency 023

Government and Citizenship

____ is a system in which the state controls economic activity in the nation. Believes that the country should not have social classes, as a way to avoid the oppressor- oppressed dichotomy that exists in the world. Communism
____ is a system of government in which the central government controls the production and distribution of goods, services, and labor in the nation. the working class should take over & administer collectively the resources for their benefit. Socialism
____is a form of government in which the majority rules. The people elect candidates to represent them in a government. Democracy
____ is a system in which a king or queen leads the nation. They can have supreme powers & become dictator, or they can have limited or ceremonial powers limited by a parliament or a constitution. Ruler sometimes claim birth & divine rights. Monarchy
Ruler has unlimited power, uses power in an arbitrary manner. Autocracy
Ruler holds absolute power to make laws & to command the army. Dictatorship
Ruled by a group of religious leaders (Taliban in Afghanistan). Theocracy
A group of nobles controls the economy and the government. Aristocracy
A small group of powerful and wealthy people rule the nation with the support of the military. Obligarchy
A committee of military officers or a junta becomes the rulers of the nation. Military
A democratic form of government regulated by a constitution. Constitutional Democracy
The monarch shares the power with the Parliament. The powers of the monarch are ceremonial in nature. Parliamentarian Monarchy
A constitutional government in which the powers of the central government are restricted to create semi-autonomous bodies (states or provinces) with certain degrees of self- governing powers (United States) Federal Republic
This branch consists of the U.S. government composed of a president and vice president elected every 4 years by electoral votes. Executive Branch
This branch is composed of a federal court that includes the Supreme Court and a system of lower courts (district, appeals, bankruptcy, and special federal) . Judicial Branch
This branch is composed of the Congress, which is divided in 2 parts (Senate and the House of Representatives) 2 senators to each state Legislative Branch
Separation of church and state:freedom of religion, speech and press; and the right to peaceful assembly 1st Amendment
Rights to keep and bear arms 2nd Amendment
Made it illegal to force people to offer quarters to soldiers in time of peace 3rd Amendment
Rights to privacy and unreasonable searches or seizures 4th Amendment
Rights of due process, protection against self-incrimination, and protection from being indicted for the same crime twice (double jeopardy) 5th Amendment
Rights to speedy public trial by an impartial jury and to counsel for ones defense 6th Amendment
Right to sue people 7th Amendment
Protection against cruel and unusual punishment 8th Amendment
Enumeration of specific rights in the Constitution cannot be taken as a way to deny other rights retained by the people 9th Amendment
Rights not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution are reserved to the states or to the people 10th Amendment
Presidential Disability and Succession 25th Amendment
Voting age set to 18 years 26th Amendment
Consists of a bald eagle holding an olive branch & a bundle of arrows. Olive branch represents peace and the arrows represent military strength. The eagle holds a scroll (E Pluribus Unum) "Out of many, one." Great Seal
Created by: jwilliams2626