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Latin America Pys.

Latin America's Physical features population and environmental concerns and cult

Atcama Desert Most dry region of South America it is to the west of the Andes mountains and is located in Chile
Amazon River A river located in Brazil best place ever and runs through da rainforest longest river in Latin America
Gulf of Mexico Body of water located to the east of Mexico and is nearly surrounded by Mexico
Caribbean sea Body of water located to the east of Central America, it holds many island nations
Panama Canal MAN-MADE waterway the connects the pacific and atlantic oceans
Andes Mountains long mountain range located in western south America
Sierra Madres Mountain ranges that run along the western and eastern sides of Mexico and Central America
Pacific ocean Ocean to the west of Latin America
Bolivia Land locked country in South America (not Paraguay)
Climate the typical weather conditions for a region
Natural Resources useful materials NOT-MAN MADE EX: rocks,minerals,forest,arable land
population The arrangement or spread of people living in a region
Cuba large island has many ports, is small compared to other nations. tropical climate, often hit with hurricanes main export is sugar cane also does farming of other things is communist so trade is limitied
BRAzil largest country in south America rainforest provide vast sources of trade peps live near the coast cause of da rain forest tropical climate
Mexico diverse climate main export = oil but also exports silver and farm crops main trade partner is us cause it borders us
venezuela has coasts on caribbean sea and Atlantic ocean = trade is easy also close to Panama Canal Tropical climate but cooler in mountains main export is OIL
Air Pollution Contaminating the atmosphere with harmful chemicals
Deforestation Cutting down huge chunks of forest regions
Amazon The name of the largest rainforest in Brazil
Mexico This country has major air pollution problems in its capital city
Venezuela The country where oil-related pollution is a problem
Mullato A person of mixed African and European descent
Meslizo A person of mixed native and European desent
Chathlioc The religion practiced by spanish colonist to latin America. Many spanish missions also converted native people
Potaugese Main language of Brazil
Spanish Main language of most of latin America
Created by: Jarissa