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Chap 14-15 USHistory


Which of the following increased in the 1920s? a) Farmers' debt b)Prices for farm products c)Foreign demand for U.S. farm products d)Domestic demand for U.S. farm products a) Farmers' debt
Which was NOT a cause of the Dust Bowl? a)Drought b)High winds c)Thick layers of prairie grass d)Overproduction of crops c)Thick layers of prairie grass
Which was NOT a cause of the Great Depression? a) access to easy credit b) overproduction & underconsumption of farm products c) the Hawley-Smoot Tariff d) a growing number of homeless people c) the Hawley-Smoot Tariff
What does buying a stock on margin mean? borrowing money to help pay for the stock
Which of the following was NOT an effect of the Great Depression? a) Many children had a poor diet. b) Many families became homeless. c) Many men became unemployed. d) Many people started farming D) Many people started farming
Which of the following describes a government system for giving payments or food to the poor? a) rugged individualism b) direct relief c) price supports d) speculation b) direct relief
In calling shantytowns "Hoovervilles," people conveyed their ... disgust with Hoover
Herbert Hoover's approach to the Depression economy was based on a belief in voluntary cooperation
One long-range effect of the Great Depression was that many people developed habits of saving and thriftiness
What was the first major action Roosevelt took as president? He closed all of the nation's banks
Which of the following pieces of New Deal legislation was ruled unconstitutional? CCC WPA TVA NIRA National Industrial Recovery Act NIRA
Which of the following of Roosevelt's ideas failed to become a law? a) federal housing loans b) regional planning authorities c) federal pension program d) reorganizing the Supreme Court d) reorganizing the Supreme Court
This term refers to the stock market crash on October 29, 1929. a) Black Tuesday b) Black Monday c) Black Friday d) Bloody Sunday a) Black Tuesday
During the Great Depression, the overall unemployment rate was about 25-percent
Each of the following was one of FDR's 3 Rs EXCEPT: a) relief b) reform c) rehabilitation d) recovery c) rehabilitation
This was the name given to FDR's speeches to the nation between 1933-1944: a) Meet the press b) Fireside chats c) Keeping up appearances d) Face the nation b) Fireside chats
Buying stocks on the chance of a quick profit without considering risks is known as: a) buying on margin b) profit-taking c) living on credit d) speculation d) speculation
What role did Eleanor play in the Roosevelt administration? a) She served as a cabinet member. b) She focused on being an excellent housewife. c) She was an important adviser on foreign policy. d) She was an important adviser on domestic policy. d) She was an important adviser on domestic policy.
Created by: PLHShistory