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Africa's History


After “discovering” Africa, Europeans did not immediately settle Africa. What did they do? Set up trading posts along the coasts
What were the three motives for Europeans to colonize Africa? God Glory Gold
Berlin Conference: Who, What, When, Where, and Why? Berlin 1884 European and US leaders Each European nation wanted the biggest and richest colonies To avoid wars over territories,
What impacts did European colonization have on Africa? Traditional religions and customs were suppressed
How did European partitioning across Africa (creating borders) affect many African countries? Caused civil wars between ethnic groups living in the same country
European colonization of Africa had what kind of affect on the development of Africa? (Hint: think natural resources and economy) It stripped away Africa’s natural resources and left it weaker than before
What problems did the new national boundaries set up by Europeans powers create for Africans? Civil Wars Separated ethnic groups Split up families
What was the purpose of the Pan African Movements in Africa? (Hint: What did they want to create?) Movement dedicated to establishing independence for African nations and cultivating unity among people of African descent throughout the world.
The main goal of the Pan-African Congresses was to ___________________. Establish African Independence
Why did Africans want independence from European powers? They wanted to control their own governments
What did the African nationalist movements fight for? Independence
Why have many modern African nations had unstable governments? They lack ethnic and regional unity
What is apartheid? An official policy of racial segregation
Who is F.W. de Klerk and Nelson Mandela? Why are they important to South Africa? Klerk: First president elected by a democratic election in South Africa Mandela: first black president elected in 1994 in South Africa
What role did Nelson Mandela and F.W. De Klerk play in the evolution of Apartheid in South Africa? They worked to end apartheid
What were some of the ways that people protested against apartheid in South Africa? Strikes Boycotts Demonstrations
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