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JAH-Immigration and

JAHKMLHS C14 Immigration and Urbanization

poll tax A monetary assessment levied on people rather than on property, often as a requirement for voting
Jim Crow laws Acts passed by various states to create and enforce segregations
literacy test an exam given to immigrants and Blacks to see if they could read English
Charles Guiteau Assassinated President Garfield
Frank J. Sprague electric trolley
Walter Raushenbusch Father of the social concern movement in America; worked in Hell’s Kitchen
Chinese Exclusion Act first law to complete ban an ethnic group from immigrating into the United States—passed in 1863
Booker T. Washington Founded Tuskegee Institute in Alabama to teach African Americans practical skills for self-sufficiency
Washington Gladden founding father of the Social Gospel movement
William L. Jenney His development led to the possibility of building towering skeletons of steel
social gospel Idea that faith should be expressed through good works often in curing the ills of the cities
Angel Island immigration station in San Francisco Bay through which most Asian immigrants entered the United States
Populist Party In 1892 this group was formed that wanted an income tax, bank regulation, government ownership of railroads, and unlimited coinage of silver
Frederick Law Olmsted landscape architect who designed Central Park
Denis Kearney leader of the Workingmen’s Party of California which opposed Chinese immigration
James A. Garfield Ohio senator who won the Presidency in 1880 but was assassinated just 4 months into his term
William Marcy Tweed one of the more famous bosses of the political machine in New York who came to power in 1863
benevolent societies organizations of city residents to aid immigrants
Jane Addams She established in Chicago one of the first settlement houses in the nation
Lillian Wald She established the settle Henry Street Settlement.
debt peonage system in which workers were tied to their jobs until they paid off money they owed to their employer
Tammany Hall The notorious political machine that ran New York City in the 1800s
Thomas Nast The political cartoonist who lampooned the political machine and boss in New York City
Crédit Mobilier This construction company was one of the major scandals of Grant’s administration
Whiskey Ring Scandal this Grant scandal involve the diversion of excise tax money into private pockets and included the President’s private secretary Orville Babcock
American Protective Association This group was antiforeign and anti-Catholic
Grover Cleveland This President is the only President to serve two non-consecutive terms
Plessy v. Ferguson This Supreme Court decision ruled that “separate but equal” facilities did not violate the 14th Amendment
pogroms violent actions taken by one ethnic group against another
Created by: jim.haferman