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Social Studies ch. 1

Vocabulary for CCB SS

absolute complete, unconditional and unrestricted Usually in reference to someone in power; monarchy
amendments a change to a document such as the Constitution
analyze to break information into parts
democracy a type of government in which the power to rule comes from the people
direct democracy a form of government in which citizens vote on policies and laws
constitutional monarchy a form of government that has both a legislative body elected by the people and a king or queen
constitutional democracy a form of government in which the citizens elect representatives whose powers and responsibilities are defined by a constitution
dictatorship a form of government in which one ruler has complete control over a country
confederacy a union, or a group of people joined together for a common purpose; also another term for the southern states in the American civil war
government the institution that makes and manages society's laws
Magna Carta the document King John of England was forced to sign in 1215, limiting the power of the monarch and ensuring the rights and privileges of the people
monarchy the form of government in which a king or queen is the head of state
parliamentary democracy a form of government where citizens elect representatives to their legislature and the executive branch of the government is accountable to the legislature
representative democracy a form of government in which the people elect representatives to run the government and make decisions on their behalf
peer someone who is of equal standing to another
checks and balances a system that allows each branch of government to change or override acts of another branch, thus preventing any one branch from gaining too much power
separation of powers the division of government into branches; each branch has its own duties and responsibilities
Senate one of the two bodies in the legislative branch of US government; each state has two senators
House of Representatives one of the two bodies in the legislative branch of US government; representation is determined by the size of each state's population
executive branch the branch of US government that oversees the day-to-day activities of the government (includes the President and his cabinet)
judicial branch the branch of US government that interprets the laws (includes the Supreme Court)
legislative branch the branch of government that writes laws (includes the Senate and House of Representatives in US)
veto an action taken by a government leader, such as the president, to prevent a bill from becoming a law
paraphrase to use own's own words to restate an idea
compare to find out how two or more things are alike
contrast to examine differences between things
contradict to oppose or conflict with
recall a special election that permits citizens to vote an official out of office before his or her term is over
reserved set aside
direct initiative the right of citizens to draft proposed laws
referendum the right of voters to overturn legislation that has already been passed by voting against it in a general election
relevant information knowledge that is related or connected to a topic
influence to have an effect on
interest group a group that tries to influence political decisions
platform a statement of beliefs and issues that a political party supports
lobbyists a person who works to influence legislation
civil rights a person's right to full citizenship and equality
civil liberty an individual's freedom to act without interference from the government
seize to arrest someone or take possession of something
suffrage the right to vote
fair trade trade that meets certain standards, such as workers being paid a living wage and having safe working conditions
foreign aid the help that a wealthy country offers to developing countries
dialogue a discussion or a conversation
global society a way of life in which people of the world are interconnected through technology
trade agreements a legal contract relating to trade between countries
accountable responsible for
bias a belief, preference or prejudice
implement to carry out
domestic within a country
issues topics that concern the public
public policy actions or decisions that affect everyone
contemporary current; happening in the same time period
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