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SS ch.8 notecards

A traditional story that explains the practices or beliefs of people, or something in the natural world Myth
Words or actions that are part of a religious ceremony Ritual
A sacred shrine where a priest or priestess ops poke for a god or goddess Oracle
A story that ment to teach a lesson Fable
The custom of passing along stories of a speecha Oral tradition
A story written in the form of a play Drama
A play or a film in wich characters fail to come over a serious problem(s) Tragedy
A play or film that tells a humerous story Comedy
The art of public speaking and debate Rhetoric
greek teachers of pholosaph,reasoning and public speaking Sophists
Philosophical method of questioning to gain truth Socratic method
A set of promises about patient care that new doctors make when they start practicing medicine Hippocratic oath
Part of an army in which the soldiers ride horses Calvery
The time period following the death of alexander during witch greek culture spread through the known world Hellenistic era
The philosophy of Epicurus starting that the purpose of life is to look for happiness and peace Epicureanism
The philosophy of the stoics who believed that people should not try to feel joy or saddness Stoicism
the outer boarde of a circle; the meserment of that boarder circumference
a branch of mathimatics centered around measurement and relationships of points,lines,angels,andsurfaces of figures on a plane plane geometry
a branch of mathematics about measurement and relationships of points,lines,angels,surfaces,and solids in 3d space solid geometry
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