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Chapter 8

Opening the West

immigrant one who moves to a new country to settle here
buffer zone neutral area between two larger areas with different uses
annex to add on, such as adding territory to an existing town, city or state
Manifest Destiny New Americanas felt that the United States government was superior to other governments and their mission was to expand democratic beliefs and ideals across the contrinent
Mexican-American War lasted from 1846-1848 and fought over the Texas annexation, disputed border and revolts in California
Treaty of Guadalupe United States gained all of the southwest territories and Mexico gave up its claim to Texas for $15 million
Major Stephen Long referred to the land west of the 98th meridian, including Oklahoma, as the "Great American Desert"
Captain Benjamin Boonesville commissioned to explore the country along the Canadian River from Arkansas to the Cross Timbers, but found nothing of value in Indian Territory
Dr. Josiah Gregg traveled hundreds of miles from Fort Smith to Santa Fe to Chihuahua, Mexico with merchandise he wanted to trade with the Mexicans.
Lt. James Abert and William Peck led an expedition across Indian Territory, though the Creek Nation and saw evidence of wild hogs and Carolina parakeets
Santa Fe Trail began in Independence, Missouri and cut through the Oklahoma Panhandle
William Becknell a Missouri trader who led the first
Texas Road formerly known as the Osage Trace which went through Vinita, followed the Grand River by Salina, by Boggy Depot and into Texas.
California Road route that Captain Randolph Macy followed from Fort Smith, Arkansas into Santa Fe, New Mexico.
transcontinental railroad a railroad that spans the continent from ocean to ocean.
Butterfield Overland Mail John Butterfield won a contract to carry mail between the Mississippi Valley and California. His stage coaches carried mail through Oklahoma entering near Fort Smith, continuing southwest to Boggy Depot across the Red River.