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Abeka U.S. History 8

16: The Gilded Age

Old immigrants came from these countries before the 1880's northwestern Europe: British Isles, Germany, Scandinavian countries
New immigrants came from these countries after 1880's southern and eastern Europe: Russia, Poland, Austria-Hungary, the Balkans, Italy, Greece
Where did D.L. Moody center his ministry and found Moody Bible Institute? Chicago
Who was D.L. Moody's song leader? Ira Sankey
Founded the Pacific Garden Mission, or "The Old Lighthouse" Mel Trotter
Founded a settlement house known as "Hull House" Jane Addams
Took the gospel to Alaska and set up a public school system there Sheldon Jackson
Train robber killed by his own men Jesse James
Wyatt Earp fought the Battle of the O.K.Corral here Tombstone, AZ
Leader of the Sioux Indians who fought at Little Bighorn Chief Crazy Horse
American who died with all of his men at the battle of Little Bighorn General George Custer
Leader of the Apache tribe who surrendered Geronimo
Offered land and citizenship to any head of an Indian family who would take up farming or ranching Dawes Act
Act that opened the Great Plains for settlement Homestead Act of 1862
Came up with the idea of spinning strands into barbed wire Joseph Glidden
Gold was discovered in this state in 1858 Colorado
This mine in Nevada proved to be one of the richest silver mines in the West Comstock Lode
Influenced state legislatures to pass laws regulating railroad freight rates the Grange
Paper money issued during the Civil War greenbacks
Dedicated to maintaining and increasing the number of greenbacks in circulation, to cause inflation Greenback Labor party
President shot after only four months in office by someone who thought he should have gotten a political job from the spoils system James Garfield
Became president when James Garfield was killed Chester Arthur
First democrat to win the presidency after the civil war Grover Cleveland
Organized the first successful national labor union, the American Federation of Labor; opposed socialism and anarchy Samuel Gompers
Union demonstration where someone threw a bomb and killed many people in 1886 in Chicago Haymarket Square
Regulated shipping rates charged by the railroads and set up the ICC Interstate Commerce Act
Political party that opposed the gold standard and called for the free coinage of silver Populist party
Provided for the purchase and coinage of a limited amount of silver each month Bland-Allison Act and Sherman Silver Purchase Act
Its passage in 1890 led to the breakup of large companies Sherman Antitrust Act
Strike in 1892 at Carnegie Silver Mill where several men where killed Homestead Strike
The only president to serve two non-consecutive terms Grover Cleveland
President Cleveland sent troops to break up this strike because it threatened to stop the US mail by shutting down the railroad lines Pullman Strike of 1894
In 1896 the Supreme Court declared that racial segregation was legal in the US in this case; "separate but equal" Plessy v. Ferguson
These Indians fought to keep the Black Hills because they were considered a sacred resting place of their gods Sioux Indians
Legislated the Pendleton Civil Service Act Chester Arthur
His death led to the Pendleton Civil Service Act James Garfield
Elected president in 1896, he favored a gold standard William McKinley
Provided for examinations for political office seekers Pendleton Act
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