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clearly revealed to the mind ,sences,or judment apparent
a useful or valuable quality asset
full of light shining ;shining intensely brilliant
a grouping of a number of similar things cluster
not carefully or expertly made crude
decrease in size,extent,or range. diminish
broad in scope or content boo!!!!!! extensive
highly offensive; acrousing aversion or disgust ojhs!!!! foul
with extereme care or delicasy gingerly
overheat or eat immodesty;make a pig of oneself :) gorge
provided with a motive or given incentive for action motivated
lacking sensation BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO numb QQQ
charterized by or displaying affirmation od acceptance or certainly etc. positive
becoming faint or more distant recede
estimate by comparsion ;not absoulte or complete relative !!!!!!1111!
ONE OF SEVERAL parts or pieaces that fit with others to constittute a whole object SEGMENT!!!!!!!;/
a steady sound without overtones tone.......OK!
put in motion trigger
wither ,as with a loss of motion wither
a serious accident wReCk!!!!11!111!14
who is the most good movie!!111!1111 mmhjsgdwehdfkjasdghfkjasd
Created by: kyliesellers