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Chapter 7

New Land, New Beginnings

negotiations discussions between people who try to come to an agreement on something
academy school similar to a modern day high school
Fort Coffee built in 1834 near Swallow Rock on the Arkansas River in LeFlore County and served as an entry post for relocating Choctaw Indians.
Fort Wayne built in 1838 in Delaware County in the Cherokee Nation
Fort Washita built in 1842 to protect the Chickasaw and Choctaw tribes.
Fort Arbuckle set up near present day Davis in 1851 to prevent harm to the southeastern tribes.
Fort Cobb built in 1859 for keeping peace by military force.
survey make a detailed map of the area, including its boundaries and elevation.
destitute suffering in extreme poverty
Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek provided for housing for the national council, three district chiefs and three churches for the Choctaw Indians
Doaksville capital of the Choctaw Nation
literacy ability to read and write
mission building or compound belonging to a group sent out to do religious or charitable work.
annuity sum of money paid annually or at some other regular interval
emigrants those who leave one country to settle in another
desperados bold outlaws, especially in the western United States
minority a group of people who are a small part of a much larger group
peacekeeping mission the activity of keeping the peace by military force