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The 13 Colonies

The Southern, New England, and Middle Colonies

What are the five Southern Colonies? Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia
What was the first successful permanent English settlement? Jamestown, Virginia
Who was the leader who saved the Jamestown settlement with his strict rules and by getting food from the local Indians? John Smith
Who was the Native American woman that allegedly saved John Smith's life and helped the the Jamestown settlers by getting food for them? Pocahontas
Which colony was founded by Lord Baltimore as a safe haven for English Catholics? Maryland
What is the definition of the term "toleration"? Accepting other peoples beliefs even if they are different than your own
Which colony passed the Act of Toleration of 1649? Maryland
What is the term for a person that is owned by another person? A slave
What is the term for a colonist who received free passage to North America in exchange for working without pay for a period of four to seven years? An indentured servant
In Virginia, in 1676, a group of former indentured servants attacked friendly Indians in the backcountry and burned Jamestown. What was the uprising called? Bacon's Rebellion- Nathaniel Bacon was the leader of the rebellion.
What is meant by the term "backcountry"? It is the land near the Appalachian Mountains
What is meant by the term "tidewater"? It is the land near the Atlantic Coast. It is where most of the wealthy planters of the south had their plantations.
What was the purpose of the "slave codes"? They were laws that were passed to control the slaves. They were meant to prevent slave rebellions and escapes from slavery
What were the four New England colonies? New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island
Who were the Pilgrims? They were English Protestants that wanted to separate from the Church of England.
Who were the Puritans? They were English Protestants who wanted to purify or reform the Church of England. They thought the Church of England to be too like the Catholic Church.
Why did the Pilgrims and Puritans leave England and come to Massachusetts? They wanted to escape religious persecution in England and they were seeking religious freedom
What was the "Mayflower Compact"? It was a legal contract signed by the male passengers aboard the Mayflower agreeing to work together for the good of the colony and they agreed to have fair laws to protect the general good. It was signed on November 21, 1620
Who was Squanto? He was a Patuxet Indian who spoke English. Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to farm in Massachusetts, showed them new crops, taught them how to catch fish and eels, and helped establish good relations with the local Wampanoag Indians.
What was the "Great Migration"? It was the period of 1629-1640 when 20,000 Puritans fled England and came to settle the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Who was John Winthrop? He was the Puritan founder of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and was elected governor several times. He was a very able but strict leader.
Who could vote in the Massachusetts Bay colony? Only male Puritan Church members.
What was the name of the representative government of the Massachusetts Bay colony? The Massachusetts General Court
Who was the founder of Connecticut? Thomas Hooker, a Puritan minister, in 1636
Why has Thomas Hooker been called the "Father of American democracy"? When setting up the colony of Connecticut, he wrote "The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut". It allowed all males to vote and limited the power of the government.
Who was the founder of Rhode Island? Roger Williams, a Puritan minister, in 1636
What practices did Roger Williams establish in Rhode Island? The separation of church and state, religious toleration, and paying the Indians for their lands
Who was put on trial in the Massachusetts Bay colony and later banished to Rhode Island for criticizing Puritan sermons and practices at meetings at her house? Anne Hutchinson- an early fighter for religious freedom, freedom of speech, and womens' rights
How did New Englanders make a living? Subsistence farming, fishing, whaling, lumber, shipbuilding, trade, and skilled trades and crafts.
What is an "apprentice"? A person who learns a trade or a craft from a master crafts-worker (usually 6-7 years)
Which colony was the first to pass a law mandating that all towns with 50 or more families had to build and maintain a public school? Massachusetts- The Puritans believed that all citizens must learn to read because God spoke through the Bible
What was the first college to be founded in the American colonies? Harvard(1636)- named in honor of John Harvard , a Puritan minister, who donated his books to the school (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
What were the four Middle Colonies? New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware
What was the nickname given to the Middle Colonies? They were known as the "Breadbasket Colonies" because of the grains,wheat, rye,oats, and barley, that were grown there as cash crops or "staple crops".
What is a "staple crop"? They are crops that are always needed
What country was the first to claim and settle Manhattan Island and the Hudson River Valley? The Netherlands
Who was the founder of the New Netherlands colony? Peter Minuit in 1626
Who was the last governor of New Netherlands who surrendered it to the English in 1664 without firing a shot? Peter Stuyvesant
What was the name of New Netherlands changed to after the English took over in 1664? New York- named after the King's brother, the Duke of York
Who was the founder of Pennsylvania? William Penn
What religious group started Pennsylvania? The Quakers- They were seeking religious freedom
Which religious group believed that "all men and women were equal in the eyes of God"? The Quakers
What is a "proprietary colony"? It is an English colony in which the king gave land to one or more people called proprietors in exchange for a yearly payment.
Which Middle Colony was a proprietary colony? New Jersey
Which Middle Colony was once a part of Pennsylvania but was granted its own charter in 1701? Delaware
What groups of people settled the Middle Colonies? Catholics, French Protestants, the Jewish, Scots, the Irish, Swedes, the Dutch, Germans (The Pennsylvania Dutch), and Finns
What was a "patroon"? a wealthy landowner in New Netherlands
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