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Chapter 20

Liberty ship basic cargo ship during WWII.
Selective Service and Training Act Plan for the first peacetime draft in U.S. History
disfranchised denied the right to vote
Douglas MacArthur U.S. Commander in the Philippines
Doolittle Raid Plan to bomb Tokyo
George Patton U.S. Commander in Northern Africa
Rosie the Riveter Symbol of the campaign to encourage women to join the war effort.
Bracero Program Brought workers from Mexico to the U.S. to work in the American Southwest.
Great Migration Movement of thousands of African-Americans from the South to the North and West for industrial jobs
rationing limiting the availability of many products to make sure enough is available for the military
D-Day Codename for the Battle of Normandy, June 6, 1944
kamikaze Pilots who would deliberately crash their planes into American ships, killing themselves but inflicting severe damage
VE Day Victory in Europe--May 8, 1945
VJ Day Victory in Japan--August 15, 1945
Harry S. Truman President of the U.S. at the end of WWII. Made the decision to drop the Atomic Bomb
Manhattan Project American program to build the atomic bomb.
Hiroshima Site of the dropping of the first atomic bomb
Nagasaki Site of the dropping of the second atomic bomb
Nuremberg Site of the military tribunal trying Nazis for war crimes
napalm kind of jellied gasoline used in bombs designed not only to explode, but start fires
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