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Chapter 8 spirit of reform history

Andrew Jacksons views of the bank of the U.S. believed it was unconstitutional.
National nominating convention replaced Jacksonians with the caucus system.
Spoils system practice of appointing people to government jobs based on part loyalty and support; started by Andrew Jackson.
Tariff of abominations nicknamed this by critics; S.C. threatened to secede from union because of this.
Panic of 1837 chaos and economic crisis that saw many farmers lose their land and banks fail.
Second great awakening movement in the early 1800s, organized to revive Americans' commitment to religion.
Influx of immigrants between 1815 and 1860 occurs in the U.S.
Lyman Beecher felt the citizens should build a better society.
Frederick Douglass most prominent African American abolitionist.
Irish immigrants fleeing famine in Ireland.
ordinary citizens have more political participation starting in the early 1800s and through the presidency of Jackson.
Andrew Jackson's background poor background, poor orphan.
Great plains and moving Native Americans many believed the Great Plains was a wasteland and more Natives there would end the conflict with them.
Public education system funded by governments through taxpayer money.
South and view of abolitionism abolitionism, may Southerners believed, attacked their entire way of life.
Battle of New Orleans and Andrew Jackson during the war of 1812; battle where Andrew Jackson became a hero.
Penny papers Inexpensive newspapers that provided new like gossip, politics, and local news.
Andrew Jackson 1828
Martin Van Buren 1836
Williams Henry Harrison 1840
John Tyler 1841
David Walker published a pamphlet that advocated violence and rebellion as the only way for African Americans to end slavery.
Williams Lloyd Garrison founded the American Antislavery Society.
Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton organized the Seneca falls convention, which marked the beginning of an organized women's movement.
Emma Willard founded a girls boarding school in Vermont.
Elizabeth Blackwell first woman to earn a medical degree in the U.S.
Joseph Smith founded the Mormon faith.
Horace Mann leader of the public education movement.
Nat Turner an enslaved preacher who led an uprising in VA.
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