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Industrial Rev

The Industrial Revolution was when new machines came instead of people.

How did agriculture changed before the Industrial Rev? People made their own things. They used their muscle power. They had something to work with/for.
Why did the Industrial Rev. begin in Britain? Small island with natural resources. Water power. Political stable. Coal and fuel. They invested to new inventions.
During what period did the Industrial Rev. occurred? Between 1750-1850
How did industrialization change ways to life? People could afford for more. They wore better clothes. There was more workers around.
What new social class did it create? Lots of people moved in...1800. There was upper, middle, and lower class.
What were some benefits on Industrialization? It created jobs. Wealth to the nation. New inventions. Healthier diets. More education opportunities. The hours of work were shorter. More money for the workers. Better working conditions.
domestic system vs factory system: the domestic system was mostly people working at home who had control over what is and was happening. The factory system was when people went to work in factories, and mines, they did not choose how to live.
Luddites They were a group of men who wanted to keep the domestic system and rebelled against the factory system. They resorted to violence and threats to get what they wanted.
Tolpuddle Martyrs They were a group of workers who got together and formed a friendly society. They wanted more/equal pay but were arrested for conspiracy.
Chartists The peoples charter was a petition written by a group of workers who wanted a better government.
Conditions in factories and mines and what Parliament did about it The conditions were not good. Workers had to work long hours.They would get beat up. The parliament issued the factory law which regulated the amount of hours a person could work and limited child labor.
socialism a theory that the government should own the factories and use the profits to benefit everyone
Karl Marx he wrote that history is a struggle between classes and that the working class would take over from the owning class.
Robert Owen he believed that he could create ideal communities where people were treated fairly and everyone benefited.
proletariat The owning class
bourgeoisie The working class
capitalism a theory that the government should not interfere with the economy
Adam smith He thought that the gov’t should not interfere with the economy because free markets are best for everyone.
Created by: BersabeSF
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