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New Deal Policies

FERA Federal Emergency Relief Administration channeled money to state and local agencies to fund their relief projects
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority dam-building project to control floods, conserve forestland, and bring electricity
NRA National Recovery Administration set up codes for minimum pay and maximum hours
AAA Agricultural Adjustment Administration paid farmers to not grow so many crops and sell their livestock
CCC Civilian Conservation Corps employed young men to assist the national forestry service
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission regulated stock market and prevented fraud
PWA Public Works Administration put unemployed construction workers back in work by having them improve highways, dams, sewer systems, waterworks, and schools
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Cooperation provide government insurance for bank deposits up to a certain amount
FHA Federal Housing Administration regulated rates of interest and terms of mortgages so more people could afford to buy a house
WPA Works Progress Administration headed by Henry Hopkins to give people jobs doing useful tasks like building roads, highways, public buildings, parks, and bridges
NLRB National Labor Relations Board allowed the ability for labor unions to represent workers
FSA Federal Security Agency
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