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Classical Mythology

Greek & Roman Studies (textbook Classical Myths by B. Powell)

The earliest Western European Literature is: the Iliad and the Odyssey (by Homer).
An important and dominant ancient Greek narrative tradition is: the Trojan War.
The Mycenaean script is known as: Linear B.
Epic is: a long narrative poem about deeds of a hero.
The earliest indigenous people on mainland Greece spoke: no one knows.
Ancient Greek men normally married at what age? 30 years old.
The ancient Greeks viewed myths as: models and reflections of important social and cultural concerns.
The Greek word which comes to mean "character" is derived from: imprint on coin.
The word "traditional" in a "tradtional story with collective importance" derives from the Latin "trado" which means: I hand down or hand over (to those coming after or behind me).
In the Early Bronze Age and much of the Middle Bronze Age, the indigenous inhabitants of mainland Greece and Crete appeared to have worshipped: a fertility Goddess.
The figure on the potnia theron in the Bronze Age and earlier is associated with: animals and fertility.
What product did the ancient Greeks need to import? Copper (they had wine, marble, gold).
The dates for the Late Bronze Age in ancient Greece is: 1600-1150 BCE.
True of false: the ancient Greeks DID NOT have written religious texts which required interpretation by a group of experts such as priests and rabbis? True (all they had was oral tradtions).
What is an unusual feature of Michaelangelo's statue of Moses? It has horns on the head (this feature may have been an error-in-translation, and was suppose to mean "halo" not horns).
Modern scholarship understands myth as: a traditional story with collective importance.
The Trojan War legendarily occurs in what Age? The Late Bronze Age (or Mycenaean Age), 1600-1150 BCE.
Which of these was an important Greek trade product: olives, oranges, tin, or cheese? Olives. (They also exported marble, wine, and pottery.)
In ancient Greece who had citizens' rights? Only men - women and naturalized foreigners did not have citizens' rights.
The extant major Sumerian epic is: Gilgamesh. (Extant means "still in existence)
The form of Sumerian script is called: Cuneiform.
Myths are often set when/where? Non-existent time and place (in unspecified previous time, sometimes in a real place far, far away).
True of false: women where considered citizens in ancient Greece with right to participate in government and vote? False (only males of Greek birth where citizens).
True of false: slaves in ancient Greece where differentiated from rest of population by appearance? False, they looked like everybody else, worked along side free men on farms and in factories. However, slaves were chattel property with no enforceable rights.
Name three evidential sources of Greek myths: 1. ancient Greek literary texts 2. ancient Greek sculpture 3. ancient Greek vases
Whom did GAIA not mate with: Pontus, Zeus, Tartarus, Uranos? She did not mate with ZEUS.
Who is Helio's son? Phaethon
Which goddess did Poseidon unite with in Arcadia? Demeter (escaped to Arcadian, changed herself to a mare, but Poseidon change to a stallion).
Who does Poseidon compete with for Athens? Athena
How does Rhea trick Cronus from swallowing Zeus? This substitutes and disguises a stone. (Cronus later throws up whole the children.)
True or false: some scholars think the Hesiodic theogony is predominantly based on influences of Near Eastern myths? True (Babylonian, Hittite; Enuma elish, Kingship in Heaven).
Who does Zeus swallow to prevent birth of his son? Why? He swallows Metis, the mother, because it was prophisized he would be defeated by his son (Zeus).
How does Phaethon die (Helio's son)? He drives chariot of the Sun recklessly, too close to the earth near the equator (thus creating dark skinned natives), and Zeus kills him with a thunderbolt.
Who is the acknowledged wife and lover of Zeus? Hera
What does Cronus do with his children? He swallows them himself (swallows them whole).
Which of the following DOES NOT describe the Theogony? It is NOT an epic (it is a hymn to Zeus, a cosmogony, and a theogony.
Medusa Is a __________ and mother of who? Gorgon, mother of Pegasus & Chrysoar (she is killed by Perseus). (Medusa means "wide-ruling".)
Which hero fights many descendants of Gaia and Pontus? Herakles
His of Zeus' siblings doesn't live on Olympus? Hades (he resides under ground).
Who separates Gaia and Uranos? What tool is used? Cronus, using a steel sickle (causing a permanent separation between earth and sky).
Hera's name is associated with what term? Why? Hero, because some scholars associate the root of the word with her name.
Where does Zeus set up the omphalos? What is it? Delphi, the navel ("belly button") of the world . It's an egg-shaped stone indicating the centre of the earth.
Where was the first known library in the ancient Greek world? Alexandria (by Alexander the Great, city founded 331 BCE). the Mouseion (Hall of the Muses) became the centre of Greek culture for 300 years.
What does the term anthropomorphic mean, when describing the Greek gods? They look and behaved like humans.
Which gods do Zeus and his siblings defeat? The Titans.
How many actors were in ancient Greek tragedies? Three, and using masks and costume changes, each played multiple roles.
What is the source of the standard Creation myth for ancient Greeks? The Theogony (by Hesiod, describes the line of deities from Uranus to Zeus, origins of monsters, Olympian war w/the Titans, and battle between Zeus and Typhoeus).
Zeus is responsible for what? Justice, guest/hosting relationship, thunder and lightening. He is NOT responsible for earthquakes (that's Poseidon's realm).
Who is the father of the Titans? Uranos (with Gaia): they were Theia, Rhea, Themis, Mnemosyne, Phoebe, Tethys (goddesses); Oceanus, Coeus, Crius, Hyperion, Lapetus, Cronus (gods).
Cronus mated with which sister? What was special about their offspring? Rhea, and their children were: Hestia, Demeter, Hera (goddesses), and Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus (gods) - the Olympians.
Which Titans mated and who were their children? Theia & Hyperion- Helius (the Sun), two daughters Selene (the moon) and Eos (the dawn). Phoebe & Coeus- 2 daughters, Leto and Asteria. Oceanus & Tethys- 3000 rivers (male gods), 3000 female Oceanids. Cronus & Rhea- the 6 Olympians.
True or false: Hermes DOES NOT eat steak even though he wants to. True (the immortals, as a general rule, do not eat meat).
What does Leto promis Delos for letting her give birth to Apollo? A temple that will provide riches to the island (by drawing pilgrims).
Hermes' epithet (nickname) Argeiphontes seems to mean? Slayer of Argos.
What is Apollo's major prophetic stie? Delphi
True or false: Apollo can both heal and destroy. True (associated with plague, mice, archery, lyre).
What is Apollo NOT associated with? Maenads (who are female followers of Dionysus).
Where is Apollo born? Delos
What else does Hermes invent? Pan pipes
True or false: the origin of Apollo's name in unknown? True
What is the possible origin of the "herma" in Hermes' name? Stone heap, used by travellers to mark trails and as way-markers.
Who challenges Apollo to a musical competition (on the flute)? Marsyas (after losing, Apollo ties him to tree and flays him).
Who provides judgement about the theft from Apollo by Hermes? Zeus (he decrees ?) - only 2 cows returned because Hermes kills 2.
Who is Hermes' mother? Maia (she hides in a cave to escape Zeus' attentions)
What does Syrinx change into to avoid Pan's advances? Reeds
True or false: Hermes' caduceus (staff) has two snakes? True (also has wings and topped w/knob).
Which of Apollo's conquests was given life as long as grains of sand she could hold in her hand? Sibyl
Which Greek island is Hephaistos associated? Lemnos
Who does Hephaistos tie in a chair (with a fine golden thread)? Hera
True or false: Artemis is born on Delos? False, she is born on Ortygia (her twin Apollo is born on Delos).
What is Hephaistos skill? Metal-working/blacksmithing.
With whom does Hermes exchange the lyre? Apollo (as part of penalty for killing 2 cows).
What is Ares the god of? War (blood lust).
In the Homeric Hymn to Hermes, what is the lyre made out of? Tortoise shell
What does Apollo bring to the Greeks in Illiad 1? Plague
Created by: Tchad GRS200
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