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Early Russia

History - Early Russia 5th Grade

boyar a powerful Russian landowner
czar title of a Russian emperor
czarina the wife of a czar
kremlin a fortress built to protect a Russian city
serf a farmer who did not own the land that he was required to work on
tribute money or goods that weaker people are forced to pay to stronger people
warm-water port a port with waters that are not frozen during the winter; ships can use a warm-water port all year long
What two people groups were settler of Early Russia Slavs & Vikings
The Slaves had to pay _____ to the Vikings tribute
Religion that worships many gods? polytheistic
Religion that worships on god? monotheistic
Who made Orthodox Christianity the religion of Russia? Prince Valadamir
Which people were a blend of Mongol and Turkic tribes? Tartars
The class of landowning nobles in Russia were known as _____. Serfs
Who was the first czar of a unified Russia? Ivan III
What are serfs? Framers bound to the land they work
Who ordered the construction of the Moscow Kremlin? Ivan the Great
Which czar do we remember as "The Terrible"? Ivan IV
Who was the czarina of Russia? Anastasia Romanovna
_______ ordered the building of St. Basils cathedral Ivan IV
What were some unique qualities of Peter the Great? 1. Made people shave beards 2. Was 7 foot tall 3. 1st czar to travel outside of Russia
What city is known as "Window on the West"? St. Petersburg
Which ruler of Russia was born in Germay? Catherine the Great
Who did Catherine the Great replace? Peter III
Did Catherine free the serfs under her rule? No.
Where was Russia's First warm-water port located? Odessa, b/t Black Sea & Mediterranean
What were some other achievements of Catherine's rule? Free education to some boys and girls, built roads & schools, made warm-water port.
Created by: weirfamily
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