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Explorer Unit

Kelly - Explorer Unit

What was the Silk Road? A trade route
Why was the silk road important? They traded and taught people other culture
Results of Zheng He's voyages
Why did the Vikings leave the area of Vinland? American indians intruded
Why Greenland and the Cape of Good Hope were names this whay and why is it misleading? Eric wanted this place to sound good. Its ice not grass
What the Renaissance is and why it is important?
Slave trade - What country was buying and selling slaves and where did the slaves come from?
What is the Columbian Exchange?
Why is the Columbian Exchange important?
What was first to reach the Pacific Ocean? Vasco de Balboa
How did Columbus's voyages impact the Americas?
Who was the first to lead an exploration around the world? Ferdinand Magellan
What enabled Cortes to defeat the Aztecs?
What was Fancisco Pizarro sent to do?
What colony was formed after the defeat of the Incan Empire?
Created by: wheels0