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What is the significance of Roger Williams? Roger Williams is the founder of Rhode Island.
"Common Sense". What was the significance? A book that influenced the development of revolution against the British.
Jay's Treaty. What was the flaw? It didn't stop impressment by the British.
Farewell Address?! What was Washington's significance? His farewell address included: "Refuse to separate (north/south) and don't have political parties." All of which were inevitable to occur.
Louisiana Purchase! Why was this significant? Mathematically, it was a very cheap purchase of land. As well as it was a move by Napoleon to maintain our friendly relationship.
Missouri Compromise Missouri became a slave state; Separated the Northern states from the Southern states.
Popular Soveriegnty The process of which we vote for electives to vote on other matters FOR us.
Wilmot Proviso Dictated that any land wrested from Mexico shall not evolve into a slave state.
Compromise of 1850? California would be a free state!
What was Stephen Douglas' role in the debate against Lincoln? He was pro-Popular Soverignty
McCulloch vs. Maryland A state cannot tax federal property/buildings.
Eli Whitney Eli Whitney was the inventor of the Cotton Gin
Samuel Slater? Samuel Slater brought the Textile technology to America!
Cotton Gin Invented by Eli Whitney; Revolutionized the way we harvest, process, and manufacture the resource: cotton.
Cult of Domesticity Recognized Womens' roles in the common American Houseld
Dorothea Dix Proposed that the mentally ill be placed in their own asylums rather than prisons.
Charles Finney Charles Finney led the 2nd Great Awakening!
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