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This is the Vocabulary for my 6th period Social Studies class.

Nationalism Excessive pride in ones nation
Militarism Policy of building a strong military to to prepare for war
Kaiser Title of German empire
Central Powers Military alliance of Germany, Austria- Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire during World War I
Allied Powers Military alliance of France, Italy, Britain, Russia, and 20 other nations during World War I
Stalemates When neither side has the strength/ ability to win
U Boat German submarine used in World War I and World War II
Porpaganda Spreading ideas to help a cause or to injure an opposing cause
Lustaria British passanger ship the was torpedoed by a Greman U Boat
Imperalism Policy of powerful countries seeking to control the economical and political affairs of smaller countries
Alliance An agreement between nations to aid- protect one an other
Created by: Maddie.Gallegos