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Blatant unmistakeable
Blight something that harms
Contrive to think up
Garble to jumble
Gaunt very thin
Gloat to be overly self-satisfied
Immaculate spotless
Plagiarism the stealing of ideas
Qualm a guilty feeling
Retaliate to take revenge
Curtail to shorten
Devastate to upset greatly
Digress to go off the subject
Incentive encouragement
Incorporate to join together
Indispensable needed
Intermittent irregular
Rigor a hardship
Squander to misuse/to waste
Succumb to yield/to give in
Alleviate to ease
Benefactor financial supporter
Covert concealed
Cynic someone who believes the worst
Demise dying
Infamous known unfavorably
Intrinsic fundamental
Revulsion hatred
Speculate to guess
Virile having attractive male qualities
Abstain to deny oneself
Affiliate to join
Agnostic one who feels we cant know if God exists
Aspire to wish
Benevolent charitable/well meaning & kindly
Deficit a lack
Dissent opposition
Diversion a recreation
Lucrative financially rewarding
Mandatory essential
Charisma personal appeal
Contemporary current
Contend to declare
Conversely in contrast
Extrovert a sociable person
Poignant affecting the emotions
Prevalent found frequently
Proponent a supporter
Quest a haunt
Traumatic upsetting
Congenial sociable
Flippant rude
Impasse a deadlock
Perception a view on something/someone
Prompt to motivate/to urge into action
Prone tending, having, a tendency
Rapport personal connection
Rationale an explanation
Relentless nonstop
Reprisal revenge
Created by: Veroo07
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